Sample Review Paper on Answers to Literature Questions

. You are all a lost generation was said by Gertrude Stein in conversation at the Epigraph.

  1. The writer (Jakes) said the words. It was when Robert felt he had lived a miserable life and all he wanted was to change by going away to South America.
  2. Jakes told the words to Robert. It was when Robert was fully insisting on leaving to go to South America.

4.These are the writer’s words. They are in the context which is shortly after Brett, a lady he was in love with left.

  1. The words are from Frances who was a film maker for Robert. He was telling Jakes about a secretary on the magazine that Robert got rid of.

6.The count said the words to Brett and Jakes. It was when they met with the count and he was narrating to them his life in Abyssinia where he was in the army.

  1. Words were said by Bill to Jakes as they walked down the Boulevard. He was insisting to Jakes to buy a stuffed dog.
  2. Words of the narrator in a church. He was reflecting on how he had not been a good Christian. He was praying for his friends and himself.
  3. Words were said by Bill to Jakes. It was when Bill was trying to incite him to be a good writer by including irony in his work.

10.The writer used this words. It was when they went to Montoya’s place where he allowed anyone with aficionados to stay.

  1. Jakes said these words to Mike where Bill, Brettand Cohn were present. It was in the café after they had watched a steer encounter a bull.
  2. Jakes used these words as the writer. It was when Brett came to sleep accompanied by Cohn
  3. Were the thoughts of Jakes. He was contemplating on how he had been relating with Brett.
  4. Are the words of Brett to Jakes. It was when they were in the bar talking and Cohn walked out from under the arcade.
  5. Brett said the words to Jakes. It was when she started feeling she had lost her self-respect from her encounter with Mike and Romero.
  6. Words of Brett to Jakes. In the context of asking Jakes to help her
  7. Words of the narrator. It was when he was leaving Brett with Romero as he went to look for their friends.
  8. Words of the narrator to the reader. It was when Belmonte, a bull-fighter, was in action with a bull.

19.Words of the narrator to the reader. It was after he got a telegram from Brett and replied it back.

  1. Words of Brett to Jakes. It was in a bar when they were discussing about Bung’o; a bull-fighter
  2. Jakes said so to Brett. This was when they left the restaurant to visit Madrid.



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