Sample Paper on the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll: Pages 5-39

  • The story begins with Mr. Utterson, the lawyer and Mr. Enfield on a stroll in London. They are friends but very unique in character (Stevenson, 5). Mr. Utterson is very cold, tall, and lean. Mr. Enfield is curious and outgoing.
  • They stroll past an eerie door. This prompts Mr. Enfield to reveal a unique incident that happened some nights ago.
  • On that night, Mr. Enfield saw a man trample over a young girl and tries to escape. Mr. Enfield cornered the man, who pleaded with the family of the girl to free him. He bribes them by giving them around 100 pounds.
  • The man went through the door and came back with 10 pounds in cash and the rest in cheque (Stevenson, 13)
  • The man was deformed and evil-looking. His name was Mr. Hyde
  • He decides to visit his friend Dr, Lanyon. He is a friend to both the lawyer and the Dr. Jekyll
  • The lawyer enquires of Mr. Hyde. Dr. Lanyon is yet to hear about him
  • He decides to stalk the ‘Blackmail door’ in a bid to catch Mr. Hyde
  • When he goes to Dr, Jekyll’s residence, he does not find him
  • When the lawyer begins a conversation about this evil man with the servants, he realizes that all of them have the orders of obeying this evil man
  • He goes back to his house as a sad and distraught man. He fears for his friend, Dr. Jekyll. He imagines he is being blackmailed with the evil man.
  • A year later, a terrible crime is committed in London. This shocks everyone who hears about it.
Response to Strange Case of Dr Jekyll Pages 5-39

I have realized that this story has been shared through the point of view of a third party. This has facilitated the theme of the novel to be spread out all through. All through the novel, the tone employed is harsh. This has resulted to fear to the audience. The story represents different conflicts: personal, self, person, and society. Mr. Hyde has trouble to remain as Dr. Jekyll. After he committed the evil acts by committing murder, he bribes the victim’s parents. This is a conflict between self and the society. The story revolves around Dr. Jekyll. This makes him the main protagonist while the antagonist is Dr. Lanyon. According to the author, these are two friends. The audience nevertheless notes that they keep attacking each other.

The theme is on the limitation of scientific experimentation. The protagonist is mixing the chemicals for the joy of it. Yet the audience understands the danger. This can be proved by the limit he had of controlling his reactions after some time. This is the reason behind his continuous killing acts within the novel. The reactions are too bizarre as Dr. Lanyon gets a heart attack and succumbs to the condition. The novel is under the horror and supernatural fiction genre. The message all through the novel is frightening and can rarely happen in reality. This is because of the great fallacies and irony that keeps happening when Dr. Jekyll is to change from his present state to Mr. Hyde. The main genre across the board is fiction. The story can rarely happen in the present period. In the Victorian times, such could only occur in dreams but not physically. All through the novel, the presence of Mr. Hyde spells evil. This is one of the symbols used. The motif also becomes evil which is spread within the society.

It is ironic that Mr. Utterson is a lawyer yet the audience is more informed than him. Before he comes to realize that there is a Mr. Hyde, the audience is made aware. Later on, the audience comes to know that Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll is the same person yet, it takes the lawyer years before he unravels the truth. The audience comes to realize of the hidden facts about Dr. Jekyll whereas his closest friend is unaware. Dr. Lanyon realizes the facts when he faces Mr. Hyde in the laboratory after continued efforts of remaining sane. The audience is aware of the limitations of this scientific experimentation when the actors are suffering the consequences. The author uses satire all through the book. He introduces the main characters as doctors, yet they have little knowledge of the situation around their surroundings. This is confirmed by the bizarre door, which has been existing all through. Dr. Lanyon is the closest friend of Dr. Jekyll yet is unaware of the laboratory and the ‘blackmailing door.’ When he sees his friend in his other personality, he collapses and succumbs to heart attack

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