Sample Paper on Gordie’s Relationships

The relationships in the book, “The body” can be described as a type of relationship where different people from different backgrounds share a deep emotional bond; they learn to regard one another with mutual goodwill, affection, loyalty, and trust. The book narrates about childhood friendships between four boys. it closely analyzes the friendship between Gordie, Chris Chambers, Vern and Teddy as they embark on a dangerous mission to find a missing body. Despite having different personalities, the boys are able to become friends. The importance of friendship is portrayed as being important among these boys. The most significant relationship is the one that Gordie has with Chris. Gordie and Chris’ relationship is a type of friendship where both characters have immensely benefited and are willing to remain as close friends for long. Their friendship is tested by many factors, but it does not in any way succumb to the tests. The friendship between Gordie and Chris is characterized by many characteristics of an ideal friendship; it is inclusive of selflessness, trust, and mutual will. Gordie demonstrates all these qualities in his friendship with Chris in that he is willing to go an extra mile to save their friendship.

In its broadest definition, the concept of friendship is all about trust and liking the other person. Friendship also entails being attached to another person by feelings of affection or even personal regards. This is when a person considers another person as a friend one dominant characteristic is the fact that they are in good terms with each other and are not hostile in any way. Gordie’s relationships fit all the above descriptions, a close analysis of his relationship with Chris reveals that he likes him, trusts him, knows him more than he likes, trusts, and knows the other boys. Gordie’s trust for Chris makes him defend him when he is branded a thief and when Chris is threatened at Knifepoint, Gordie takes out a gun and once again stands by Chris’ side. Gordie even confirms the deep significance of the relationship that he shares with Chris, he admits that he can never be able to find a friend like the one he had when he was twelve years old.

Stephen King uses different literacy devices to describe the relationship in the book, “The body”. Some of the most prominent literary devices that he uses include characterization, imagery and symbolism. Through characterization, the author has introduced and described characters through actions, thoughts and the speech that the characters express. For example, when Gordie contends that the friends he had when he was eleven years old were the most important, his thoughts help the audience realize that he had a strong bond with Chris that was characterized by trust and mutual understanding. The actions that Gordie depicts are typical of a strong friendship, for example trying to defend Chris. King utilizes symbolism to give a deeper meaning to the concept of friendship, for example, he uses the deer. The presence of the deer in the novel is a sign of hope, trust, and good all this characterizes friendship. The use of imagery has allowed the author to use words and phrases for the purpose of creating mental images, which has enabled the readers to visualize more clearly, the fact that the boys cook and eat their food together. Sitting around a fire is symbolic of the bond they have as friends.

The utilization of the three literary devices; characterization, symbolism and imagery by King are effective in describing the relationships between characters. This is because the literary devices have helped in painting clear visuals in the minds of the readers. The feelings that the characters have for each other have been transferred through these devices and this makes the story even more interesting.