Sample Literature Review Paper on J.K. Rowling

Joanne Rowling is an accomplished British author. She is the creator of the Harry Potter series.
The series has been a global success and won many awards. The Harry Potter is currently valued
at more than $15 billion. As a world-wide brand, it has established international records in the
literature sector and for a long time remained the most popular fiction story. Some of the books
in the series have emerged as the fast selling literature works in history. Due to their popularity,
the books in the series have made Rowling the best-selling author in the United Kingdom with
approximate sales of more than £238 million (J.K. Rowling Biography). In addition, the books
have been rewritten in sixty-five languages to let her fans around the globe to enjoy the stories.
Besides selling millions of copies of books, the series has been adapted into films, in which the
author served as the producer. The success of Rowling’s work enabled her to progress from a
poor woman to a multimillionaire within five years.
Rowling's exceptional contribution to literature has earned her prestigious awards such as
the Legion d'honneur conferred by the government of France as well as the Order of the British
Empire. Other honors she has received include Hans Christian Anderson Literature award,
British Book of the Year award, Carnegie Medal, British Book Awards, Birmingham Cable
Children's Book Award, Bram Stoker award, Rowntree Nestle Smarties Prize, Locus Awar,
Hugo Award, and National Book Awards (J.K. Rowling Accomplishments ; J.K. Rowling

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Biography).In addition, the author has been recognized with honorary degrees from different
colleges and universities.
Rowling is now considered one of the richest women in the United Kingdom, among the
most powerful celebrities, and highly influential person. Over the years she has given political,
moral, and social inspiration to millions of her fans around the globe. In addition, Rowling gives
back to society by funding charity organizations in the U.K. (Accomplishments).Therefore,
Rowling is an accomplished individual who has continues to positively impact communities
around the world.

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