Sample Essay Paper on Frankenstein

The reading is coupled with instances of nightmare in the lives of every character. The theme of prejudice is evident in the readings from the monster’s perspectives. From the creature’s enraged tone to Victor’s fatalistic attitude, it is obvious that the end is disastrous to all characters. The creature assumes all the human features and desires to be like human. He goes on to learn the human language with the hope that he will be able to find a friend. To him, friendship is the missing unit to console his torn soul. Prejudice coupled with isolation is more eminent with the monster as he considers himself very singular from human beings and desires to be like human beings. No wonder he is enraged with himself and with the attackers of the family in addition to everyone he encounters. From the reaction of the monster, prejudice is a very powerful negative force capable of draining good attributes from individuals

Social injustice partially consoles the monster knowing that some humans undergo the very hardship of social challenge. Although the creature is concerned with his gothic looks, and deformity, it is apparent that human beings have fallibilities as well, with the diversity between Christianity and Islam becoming eminent. While being considered enlightened, Christian doctrines at the time are gothic whereas some Islamic practices as highlighted as biased and childish. Nevertheless, the significance of family is highly upheld in the readings. This is illustrated by the intimate human relationships and the wretched lifestyle of the creature.