Sample Essay on The use of symbolism in Literature

The use of symbolism in literature as always given different meanings to short story. The literature work uses different figurative symbols to represent themes, meanings and mood(Pang at el 15). Moreover, the kinds of words in a story sets deep mood for a story this is evident inthe short story The Fall of The House of Usherby Allan Poe,uses both the symbols and mood to sink the story in the mind of the readers and give it deeper meaning than just the outward reading of literature. In the short story, it represents phenomenon ofhow mind state of an individual can result to belief of certain inanimate superstations additionally,the story represents the power of mind effects can translate into a clouded judgment of fear desperation and fear this can then translate into continuous belief in what is not real and cannot be quantified by any logical reasoning.

The story is in one set up that is in the house of the Usher. The house of Usher is representing the state of mind of Roderick Usher.In simple terms the house of of usher introduces the state of mind in the usher’s. it indicates how Usher views the world and make it to be the world of superstition and horror (Hobfoll 389). If one’s mind is clouded by negativity or any perception that is what carries his or her action and views. In the story, we are introduced to usher friend who is the narrator who describes the house in strong contemptuous words “about the whole mansion and domain there hung ….an atmosphere…a pestilence and mystic vapour, dull, sluggish, faintly discernible, and leaden-hued” this words would represent the state of mind his friend Roderick is in. This show how over the past years the Rodrick has changed and what he perceives his no longer the same. The narrator says that in the olden days Roderick was very reserved but today he is not the same state of physical body. The thoughts in mind has made him become a worried man “a mental disorder that oppressed him”. This implies that he has belief in the mind that make him feel sick yet in reality there is nothing to fear of, it is the perception of mind(Pang at el 15).

The use of great terrifying words such as corpse, fear and grim sets horrific mood, empathy and sympathy to the reader’s mind. Additionally,this set up the readers to have the idea that the story is about agonized people. The use of terror words continues in the story all along. This makes the story to be more terror in a palace, a place which was known for good artistic work has turned into melancholy home “The Haunted Palace”. Indeed, when we go through the story we only find more horrific deeds than happy mood. The effect of person mind really can affect one reasoning and view of things(Hobfoll 389). The story simply symbolizes how our mind perception do affect our physical health and even the cleanliness of the environment. When the narrator visits Rodrick, he is of pure mind and believes in the normal world. Surprisingly enough, the narrator also start to corrupt his mind. As he continues visiting Roderick he too starts to develop the fear of known. However, when he steps out of the house he sees the light. The light symbolizes the reality of the world which is far from the beliefs of state of mind and superstation’s in the house(Pang at el 15).



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