Sample Essay on the Story of an Hour

The story of an Hour’ is Kate Chopin’s narration that highlight on thoughts of a woman after she was told that her husband died in an accident. This is a narration whose first draft was released in 1894.


The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the narration “The story of an Hour.” The author Kate Chopin depicts on the concept of feminism. This is apparent when she portrays individuals of the female gender to be more emotional in contrast to their male counterparts. Chopin also describes the stronger side of women when they identify opportunities after they encounter hardships (Chopin 65). It also incorporates views from other authors regarding issues that women face and how they overcome their challenges in the society.

The major idea in this tale concerns how a woman felt after she realized about her wrong perception. This was apparent when she thought that her husband had died. This story was divisive when it failed to comply by American values by portraying a female personality to be the major character. The author reveals how the character became weak emotionally after learning about the demise of her husband.  She believed that her husband died on railroad disaster which made him to suffer from her problems. In this situation, her sister and his friend attempted to inform her about the bad news in a comforting manner.

The article Feminism by Cain Barbara reflects on the power of women in society. Cain cites that despite the challenges that women encounter, they still stand strong to carry on with life. In this regard, the female actor decides to seek for solitude in a room to mourn her partner who had passed on (Cain 69). She starts to feel to be so lonely and that is how her beliefs are a benefit of his deaf. Later, she hears the sound of her husband entering the house. It is at this point whereby she becomes shocked to hear that he has not died initially. He hears noises and decides to climb up to see the body of his wife who was lying on the ground.

As the main character in the tale of an hour, she reflects thoughts of emotion. This is evident when these ideas support and go against the feminist theory. At beginning, Mrs. Mallard is overcome with a lot of fear due to the loss of his husband.  This indicates that women have an emotional personality in contrast to the opposite gender. Her condition subjected her to be sad after learning about the news of her dead husband.

This story incorporated her sister and her husband friends who played the role of taking the news to her. Mrs. Mallard suffered heart problem which shows that she is a weaker person right in the beginning of this story (Gorsky 92). In this context, she is naturally perceived as a weaker character. This female character also depicts her weakness when she goes to mourn in her room without any company. This is a sign that the sad situation made Mrs. Mallard emotional. It was clear when she decided to let it out physically without hiding how she was hurt. The weakness that she felt further extended to the soul making her completely helpless.

The theory of feminism is clear when she rests and contemplates about life again. In her surrounding, she can visualize new opportunities via the window’s ambience. At this point, she notes the limitation of marriage and how it affected her life. Later, she starts to see that she has been living her life through limitation that arises from their marriage. She finds hope of starting a new life even if it is in solitude. The quote ‘There isn’t an authoritative will bending hers in blind persistence that will require individuals of both gender to render a private will upon their fellow creatures’. According to the feminist approach, scholars revealed ways that subjected female persons to oppression. Furthermore, in this story it appears that the male is having absolute control over the women.

Gorsky, Susan also cites about issues that women face. According to her, a strong woman is supposed to start a new life and forget about the past pain. This applies to Mallard’s situation when she felt that she no longer had feelings for her husband.  As a result, Mrs. Mallard did not allow herself the thought of being completely away from him. This concerns what she will be able to do when he’s not around until when he is actually dead. She has no identity as her own she is a woman that belongs to Mr. Mallard (Ostman 124).

She decides to move on without holding on the life that she shared with her husband. Her concern reflected a kind of life that grants hope to individuals who are hurt as reflected in the narration. Mrs. Mallard’s ideas at the moment changed after the death of her husband.  She further developed new ideas on starting a new life. Her wish was to forget about the past and enjoy the future. In spite of the sad situation she encountered, her body still responded to the thoughts in her mind.

In essence, besides being a weaker character, feminism is clear when she overcomes her emotions and becomes strong. She gains power and begins to identify new opportunities around her. As a result, this creates positive changes to Mrs. Mallard’s life when she decides to start a new life without reflecting on the past sad moments.


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