Sample Essay on Literature Humanism

In Petrarch’s letters, there is a high level of conviction and connection of the literature works and humanism. one of the things that he values most about literature is that the words and messages in the literature keeps one to be on the mood of maintaining humanism. In this prospect, messages postulated by the various inceptions of the literature give humanity the very reason why they should live longer. The precepts of moral values and statutes are passed on from one generation to the next through literature. Literature as postulated by Petrarch’s letters therefore signifies high level of commitment to morality and promotion of moral values within the community. The love for classics and literature by Petrarch’s are strengthened by the fact that they give the real meaning of life and how well somebody should carry out themselves in the moral stance. The connotations prevailing in this context are pegged on the fact that many religions across the world depend on the messages passed on through literature from many generations(Petrarch, 3). The restoration of values and continued existence of these literature therefore forms a vital part in enhancing high level of commitment to various religious connotations. The value and respect for humanity is pegged on the better understanding of the literature and the various aspects that people give to its interpretation. Those who write the literature have certain purpose and aim of writing such. The understanding and interpretation of such beliefs in the context of literature and its refinement creates a reasoning and a belief for which an individual can rely on. This means that feelings and thoughts of various individuals can be understood from the perspective of the literature they read and write (Seigel, 2).

In the current world, the literature is seen as best as pastime since it relates to the very issues that affects humanity on a daily basis. Man is usually considered a social being which means that they value relationship. Literature is best seen as pastime for the reason that it relates to the social stances of humanism and therefore it provides various ways in we as human beings can handle the pitfalls of everyday life. I do not believe that literature is seen at worst as waste of time since literature has immense significance and its worst can only be seen where its relevance to the current situations are not clearly outlined (Bolland, 3). It is otherwise important to put great importance to literature since it affects the very facets human existence and reveals certain insights to the real advents purpose for existence and how best to deal with life issues. one of the issues that literature has contributed to my life is the building and profound development of my moral status. it is from the literacy works that I have read that I tend to understand the various ways to relate to various individuals. The understanding of personalities and relationships is very crucial in our everyday lives. The explanations postulated in various literacy works are indeed a guideline on how best to deal with various personalities and maintain various types of relationships (Kolsky, 3). Literature has enabled me understand the dynamics that occur in various cycles of relationships which indeed provides a platform for self-development and maturity in such issues. In summary, literature is the core of promotion of humanism and the social culture maintained by various groups of individuals.


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