Sample Essay on Letting Go

Swami Vivekananda was an Indian philosopher who had strong beliefs in Yoga and Vedanta. He is known for his quote which states that “feel nothing, know nothing, do nothing, have nothing, give it all up to god and say utterly “thy will be done” we only dream this bondage wake up and let go (Badrinath 112).” In this statement, it is clear that Vivekananda was advocating people to focus on God instead of allowing their problems to overcome them. The human soul is divine meaning that it has no potential to control nature. The only thing that they can do is be free from all mental disturbances by letting go of the problems that they experience. When a person feels nothing, it means that he/she has let go of their troubles. It may be difficult to feel nothing when you have huge problems before you, but by allowing God’s will to be done, you show that you have the ability to control your mind.

When people allow their brain and body parts to be controlled by religious thoughts, that there is a stronger force that is working behind them to control whatever they are going through, this is the only time when they can let go of the bondage. At this point, it is easy for them to not only feel nothing, but also do nothing by giving it all the Supreme Being to take control of the situation. It is paramount that they let their brain, body and nerves system be controlled by the idea that “thy will be done.”

When people feel that they cannot do anything, the only thing they can do is dream that the bondage will be gone by morning.  This is an important truth that they need to believe because without itthe worry of the bondage will still overcome them meaning that they have not let go or allowed their will to be done. It also means that the bondage still has control over them and can guide their decisions or moves. At the same time, it can be interpreted that the problem still has strong sentimental attachment to them making it hard to let go of it. They can either feel that they have the power to control the situation or correct it, which is a wrong belief.

However, when people let go, it means that the things that used to bind them have ceased by this point, they are able to feel nothing or even know nothing. This is where they can take refuge on God. Everything that makes people pity themselves is some form of darkness, but by avoiding self-restrain to bondage, it means that they are disallowing the darkness out of their lives instead of allowing God to take control of the situation. It means that they have grown spiritually and have the strength to control their situations showing their inner power.

In conclusion, the intention of Vivekananda to make such a statement was to make people believe that there is a God and that he is the one in control of all natural and supernatural things. It also shows that people need God especially when they are in trouble because by themselves they cannot take control of the world or the things that are beyond their ability such as bondages. The answer in finding the truth is God and allowing him to take control of every situation. This is the only time when a person is totally free from everything including feelings and bad thoughts.


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