Sample Essay on Kindness to Others is Kindness to Oneself

One day, while driving home, a man spotted an SUV on the roadside. The sunset reflections from the side of the SUV were blinding, but the man could see a stranded old woman standing by the car. He could see that she required help and so he pulled over his pickup truck in front of the woman’s car. The silence was restored in the countryside when his engine stopped and he approached the woman. She was scared, and not even a smile on the man’s face could be enough. For over an hour, she was there, but no one stopped to help her in that difficult situation. The man looked weak and famished and this prompted the woman to feel unsafe. “I’m Julian Murdock, I want to help?” He asked her so that she could stay inside to avoid catching a cold.

At such an age, running out of gas in that part of the country was enough trouble. She told him that she passed the gas station 20 miles back because she thought she had refilled the previous day. At her age, this was understandable. Murdock walked back to his truck and picked up a jerry can full of gas and a funnel. He fixed the funnel and started refilling her car. Since he was alone, the funnel slipped, spilling the fuel. She offered to help, but he insisted she stay inside the car. Grabbing the jerry can with his right hand like a baby, he poured the fuel while holding the funnel with his left. This was enough to get her to the next filling station.

While he wiped the gas that had spilled on the SUV’s side, the old woman looked at him from the rolled-down window unsure of what to say. She was headed back to her home in Detroit. She imagined what awful things could have happened to her and was willing to give him any amount he asked. Therefore, she asked him how much it would cost. To Murdock, he helped her because she was in need, not because he wanted payment. A man like him was helped a thousand times in the past. It is the way of his people to help because everyone needs help at one point. However, he noticed she was happy and wanted to pay him. Therefore, he asked her if she meant to pay him, she should consider helping someone else who is in need of help. He also asked her never to forget him. He stood by his car and waited until the old woman drove off. As he tied the empty jerry can at the back of his pickup, he thought to himself, “It wasn’t such a bad day after all.”

About 10 miles ahead, the woman saw a gas station with a low-key restaurant in the neighborhood. She felt she should fill her tank and grab something to warm her up at the café. After filling her tank, she took a seat where she viewed her car. Contrarily, it was not as comfortable as those restaurants she used to visit on weekends in Detroit. A young woman approached to take her order. She was pregnant, and any person could say that in a month she would have a baby. The old woman gave her order, but could not imagine how much that young waiter was enduring to walk around the café the entire day with the pregnancy at that stage. Her face did not show it; the smile covered it.

After she had finished eating, she paid the young waiter and sat waiting for her change. As she wiped herself, she glanced outside to check on her car and immediately remembered Murdock. It was time to leave; the journey ahead was long. The waiter brought back the change, but the woman was nowhere. The SUV by the gas station was gone too, but there was a note appearing from the side of the hand towel she used to dry her hands. Covering her mouth, she read it, “It’s the least I could do. I have been where you are, and someone stepped up for me. I am doing the same for you, do the same for others, and keep this ball of kindness rolling.” There were eight $100 bills, which made a tear rolled down her left eye; she was overjoyed.

The sunset was long gone and she had to clean the tables before she could stop for the day. When she got home, she felt different; it had never occurred to her that a stranger would give so much for nothing. Her husband was desperate; the baby was approaching yet he was not ready and it would be difficult for them when the baby arrives. She knew how he felt. While they lay in bed, she whispered to him, “It’s going to be alright Julian Murdock, God watches over us.” It is said, “Kindness to others is kindness to oneself.”