Sample Essay on George Saunders – In Persuasion Nation

Brad Carrigan, American

The story begins with Chief Wayne’s visit to Brad Carrigan’s residence, carrying a stick of butter, claiming that the giant butter belonged to the family’s dog. He is welcomed by Brad and Doris, who are impressed by his love for Buddy, their dog. Wayne explains that one should love for one to be loved back. This is an expression of the attitudes on racism in American society; it explains that people should love one another regardless of the diversity in race. The chief loves the dog, even if it is not an equal human being, and this is the same love that people should accord one another indiscriminately. The three start discussing Buddy, saying that he deserves to be loved even if he sits in the house the whole day. Disgusted by the conversation, Buddy goes out, and they all go out to check if he is alright. There is a conflict between Wayne’s and Doris’ comments. He claims that people should love the people they know because they are the ones that matter. Doris sees this as an implication that people should only love their race and she responds by telling him that even the dogs should be included. Doris expresses that the people that people know as well as the dogs are the ones who matter.

My Flamboyant grandson

One of the characteristics that define Teddy is the flamboyance in his dressing mode. He has a deep interest in performing arts with his favorite artist being Babar. At first, he is not very confident, but later, this changes and he gains the courage to speak in front of people. The confidence is as a result of the trip he makes with his grandparent to New York. Teddy is loved by his grandfather, who realizes that despite his negativity in the arts, his grandson would not change. He takes him to watch artists perform in New York, as a way of promoting his talent. Teddy is a focused and ambitious person as it is depicted by his grandfather’s statement that he is unchanged about arts.

Mr. Petrillo is quite different from Teddy. The main interest in Teddy is music and art, but Mr. Petrillo is interested in commercial activities. He is an assertive businessperson, and this is the reason the marketer approaches him and asks if he could purchase Burger King Products. He is elegant, and this is depicted by the way the marketer describes him as someone they know. He is also not ashamed of his cultural identity, and the marketer insinuates that it is easy to identify him in the crowd. He is a business-oriented person as the comments by the marketer indicate. The marketer claims that he has not used the company’s products in the year. This shows the business aspect of his character. The marketer also claims that Mr. Petrillo is a regular customer with the company and this is an indication that he is loyal. He is a focused person who is not easily influenced by the actions or words of the other people. Although the marketer is determined to make the sales, Mr. Petrillo does not pay attention to his words. He is also a kind man as it is depicted by the way he promotes his grandson’s ambition to be an artist.