Sample Essay on Freedom for Delia

This paper will focus on Delia’s acts of rebellion/defiance in Zora Neale Hurston’s story ‘the sweat’.it will demonstrate how these acts strengthened her resolve to be free.

Delia’s husband does not like her to keep white’s clothes in their house. She goes ahead to rebel against him. This is how she is able to make a living for both of them since her husband continues to spend his money on another woman. He decides to bring a snake in the house to make Delia’s stay miserable. If Delia had obeyed her husband and stopped taking white’s clothes for washing, she would have starved and probably moved out of her own free will to look for food. Her husband would not have brought the snake to the house and he would not, therefore, have died of a snake bite.

Delia’s husband’s involvement with Bertha is not a secret as other men in the neighborhood openly discuss it as she passes them on her way to perform her daily chores. They are sorry for her because her beauty has been washed down by the mistreatments from her husband. The men feel action should be taken against Syke. This too does not make her bulge, she decides to stay and fight. Syke abuses her physically and even displays his relationship with Bertha to her. Having tried all manner of animosity to make her leave and nothing is forthcoming; he brings a snake in the house to frustrate her further, the same snake that kills him.

Even after Syke brings the snake to the house, Delia is not moved to leave. If she had moved, it would have been a cheap way for Syke to rid her of his life. The snake that killed him would not have found its way to the house then.

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