Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Excerpts from the King James Version of the Bible

According to chapter one of King James Version (King James Bible Online, 4), God created the entire universe for six days and He rested on the seventh day. There was nothing in the earth at the beginning. He first created the lights and separated it from darkness. God saw that it was good. He called the light day and darkness night. He created the heavens, the earth, in addition, the seas. Thereafter He created plants and seeds of every kind. The sun, the moon, and the stars were created to give seasons and times. The sun was to rule the day and the moon the night. Every kind of living creatures were created; the animals in the sea, the birds in the air and the animals in the land. God blessed His creation and commanded them to be fruitful and to fill the earth and the seas. God thereafter created man in His own image. Male and females were created to have authority over all the creations. God thereafter blessed man commanding them to be fruitful, to fill, and subdue the earth.

From chapter three, King James articulates that the serpent was the most cunning beast that the Lord had created (King James Bible Online, 17). The serpent came and spoke to the woman against the warnings they were given concerning the tree in the middle. They were not to touch it lest they died. The serpent said that God actually did not want them to be like Him; to know good and evil. The woman saw that the tree was actually good. She therefore took some fruits, ate, and gave the man. Their eyes were actually opened and they realized that they were naked. They hid among the trees when they heard the voice of God calling them. God was angry with man and woman for defying Him. He cursed the ground, which the man was to toil. The woman was to give birth in labor. The serpent was to crawl on his belly. He put enmity between the fruit of the serpent and that of the woman. Since God did not want man to eat of the fruit of life, He drove them out of the Garden of Eden so they can toil the land He had given them (King James Bible Online, 21).

For a contemporary epic, I would define the emptiness of the universe before creation. I would then incorporate the exact period God took in the creation, the sequence of the creation and the words He declared as He created every creature. This is to affirm the power and the overall authority in God alone. I would also mention the day of rest and the general roles of man and the creation. This is to affirm the main responsibility of man. I would mention the exact beings and their actions in the fall of man. This is to highlight the weakness of man. For instance, I would reveal Adam and Eve as innocent before the fall and the serpent as cunning. The angel and the flaming sword that guide the entrance to the Garden of Eden would be highlighted as powerful and awesome.

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