Sample Creative Writing Paper on Personal Mission Statement

My most important beliefs are that addiction is dangerous and nothing is too hard for God. I acquired these beliefs from my experience. In the course of my teenage years, I developed a strong relationship with a friend, who was a drunkard. We used to take beer often for fun. This continued into our youth where it then changed into drinking too much and doing it daily. I could not save any money, which resulted in having a poor standard of living. Due to such distress, I resorted to hostility against my friends whenever confronted about my drinking problem. Since I could not control my addiction, I gradually started developing suicidal ideations. One day while I was in a forest with a rope ready to hang myself, a pastor just appeared from nowhere. Aware of my intentions, he first prayed for me before talking to me and cautioning me politely against such thoughts. He took me to a rehabilitation center where I stayed for six months. Since then, I got born again and stopped drinking. I reconnected with my family, and we lead a good life.

I care most about my parents. Without parents, life feels unfulfilled, one turns out to be a loner, and encounters numerous adversities. My parents offer financial support, moral support, and encouragement in situations of failure. In the course of such issues as illness, accident, and other misfortunes, being with my parents acts as an enormous boon. They offer direct moral support and strength to deal with the circumstances. I treasure my parents because they are the people who can cheer me up and ensure that I keep striving to succeed. On this note, I sympathize with the children who do not have parents to care for their needs since most get depressed for lack of a caring person to share their accomplishments and distress (Bhat, Sadaqat, and Bhat 57).

In terms of civic engagement and volunteerism, I participate in voter education exercises before any general election, and I am currently taking part in the mentorship of young people at my former elementary school. In the past, I used to volunteer as an animal carer at a rescue center that is close to my home where I used to take care of animals that get sick or distressed. I also engaged in animal massage and assisting animals recuperating from injury or going through treatment for mobility issues.  I am a leader of my life when it comes to making personal preferences instead of reacting and acting in default. In this regard, I am completely honest with myself regarding what I desire, what it requires to succeed, and what I am ready to do to realize my goals.

My career goals as a teacher are to ensure the excellence of my students and make a difference in their lives. Moreover, I look forward to moving outside the classroom to operate as a consultant for the school setting or work in a health center. I will incorporate civic engagement into my career path through remaining connected with parents and advising them on the best means of helping their children to succeed. Having effective communication skills might assist me to be more civically engaged (Checkoway, and Aldana 1895). My personal motto is: Be smart, not regretful. In conclusion, my personal attributes will facilitate the development of a pleasant setting that involves the learners and makes them motivated to gain knowledge.


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