Sample Coursework Paper on “Jesus Shaves’’

Jesus Shaves’’

“Jesus Shaves” by David Sedaris is a comical fictional story of a group of students in a French class who attempt to express the meaning of Easter. None of them seems to get it right in any way. One of the students, a Moroccan, says that she does not know anything to do with such a Christian celebration (Sedaris, 2014). The story follows the progress of students who attempt to describe the celebration with broken language. The narrator of this story uses first person to express himself. He is likely to be in possession of an American background.

This story by David Sedaris closely relates to my life experiences. Every time there is an Easter celebration, most people do not understand what it means to celebrate. I have met many people whose concentration is on partying, giving, and receiving gifts other than realizing the true meaning of this day (Sedaris, 2014). Just like the narrator’s experience of having classmates who find it difficult to express what exactly happened on Easter, I have met friends and relatives who do not understand that we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross.

From this story, I relate more with the Italian nanny. Before I knew the true meaning of Easter, I often understood it as a day of partying, slaughtering, and chocolate-eating. From my family background, Easter has been a day of total rest as well as receiving a chocolate from the Easter bunny. According to her, Easter is meant for partying and slaughtering a lamb for meat and eating chocolate. I can relate the Italian nanny also by the fact that “resurrection” and “cross” have been difficult terms for me for a long time (Sedaris, 2009). I have not been good at expressing Easter using such terms.

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