Sample Case Study Paper on Common of case 9.6 week 5

Some situations are inevitable. A wedding cake falling in front of people would be the most awkward thing in a wedding. It would therefore, be prudent upon the people available to make sure that at least the cake does not fall. Alternatively, a better option would be ensuring that the cake does not go to waste.

Nevertheless, I like the way the two articles address the whole issue. One of the articles suggests two options. Firstly, there is the repositioning of the cake to prevent it from falling. Removing the topper that is causing the cake fall would be an ideal solution. If this options work, then the couples would not realize whether there is a problem with the cake. The second option of cutting the cake before the end of the event is also viable. This can however, act as the last resort because a cake is best cut at the end of a function. This, of course, would require permission from the guests to avoid conflicts at the end of the event.

The other article also suggests a number of options. Firstly, the author suggests that they would solicit the help of any person working within the venue. This can be tricky because we are not told of any other individual within the vicinity with the capability of handling foods and desserts, notably cakes. The probability of finding someone with such capability would be close to zero. Therefore, rather than waste time looking for some yet the cake is about to fall, it would be appropriate if the author handles the situations without seeking the assistance of anyone. Time is of essence in this case. The idea of calling the company that made the cake to refund would also not be viable because the money has already been paid. Accordingly, the guests are already there and there would be no enough time to prepare another one.