Sample Essay Paper on Linguistics ‘Pre-Test’ Discussion Board Activity

The particular statement/question that I have chosen to comment on is – “Educated people speak more grammatically than do uneducated people.” According to me, this statement is true since educated people have the tendency of conforming more closely to various standards and norms of a particular language. For instance, French-speaking nations use French as their national language whereas English-speaking nations use English as their national language. Each of these languages has different standards and norms that have to be followed in a grammatical manner. This is one fundamental principle that educated people understand especially when they are speaking any of these languages because they have the knowledge of what is required.

On the other hand, individuals without formal education do not understand these standards and norms. Hence, there will be a huge difference when an educated person speaks a certain language and how a person without formal education will speak since he or she will not comprehend the rules of speaking grammatically. In this sense, educated individuals will strive to conform to the standards and norms of speaking that language, which will make them, speak more grammatically. Lack of conforming to these standards and norms, which is what individuals without formal education do, leads to grammatical errors when the speak that particular language.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that in linguistics, a person speaks grammatically when he or she follows precise, systematic sentence construction patterns without errors. In this sense, everybody regardless of their educational level can speak grammatically especially when speaking native languages. In essence, individuals do not speak their native languages in a random, non-systematic manner because it is rare to find these sentence construction patterns. Additionally, many native languages do not follow precise standards and norms when speaking and a person cannot be accused of not speaking grammatically.