Sample Research Paper on Toyota’s Quality Control

Executive Summary

Taking over as a Vice President of any given organization may be one of the most challenging situations. This is because the new vice president has to cope up with a number of issues before he/she can settle down to work (Hill, 2013). For instance, the vice president may have it rough when trying to relate to new employees. At the same time, the Vice president may have a problem incorporating new strategies, which might not be impressive to a number of junior and senior employees. Thus, taking up the challenge has to be accompanied by some skills and strategies (Hill, 2013). This paper will discuss some issues regarding taking over of the vice presidency of the Toyota automobile company.

Short-Term Goals

As the new Vice president, an individual would have to strategize new goals for the sake of the company’s operations. One’s short-term goals may include the addition of more qualified employees. Moreover, the Vice President may focus on the improvement of the sales operations of the company (Melé, 2011), as well as the improvement of working conditions for the employees of the organization.

Long-term Goals

Some of the long-term goals include the increase in profits for the company and becoming the leading automobile producing company in the whole world. In addition, the company may have a goal of being a helping hand to the society through the involvement in various social activities.

 Reorganization to be Done in the Department

            In the quality control department, the vice president may have to do some reorganization for the sake of developing the organization. First, the VP may have to reshuffle the employees in that department by placing some of the most competent ones as the senior employees. All these reorganizations will be aimed at improving the quality of the employees’ services.

Training to be Done

            As the Vice President, a person would also find it important to offer training to employees in the quality control department and the organization as a whole. For instance, a person would opt to train employees on the essence of incorporating certain organizational ethics and skills in their work (Leatherman & Leatherman, 2008). This strategy would be helpful in ensuring that the employees in the department and the organization as a whole are well equipped with skills that would make them provide the best of their services to the company. The training may be done through talks by various successful personalities in the society.

Analysis of Challenges

            As seen earlier, taking over as the new VP for Toyota motors would mean that the new officer has to face a number of challenges. First, coping up with the new faces in the organization might be a challenge to the Vice President. Another challenge would entail the incorporation of the new strategies to the department and company as a whole (Hill, 2013). As a true leader, a person will have to incorporate good leadership qualities in order to curb challenges.

Leadership Traits for the Directors

As the Vice President, an individual would expect the directors of the seven divisions to have particular leadership traits. One of the traits would be honesty. All the directors would be expected to be always truthful. In addition, the directors would be expected to communicate regularly with the Vice President. Finally, the Vice President would expect the directors to commit themselves in their work. For the Vice President to ensure that the traits are portrayed in the directors, he/she has to be the first one to portray the skills. Through such a step, the Vice President will have served as an example to other directors (Leatherman & Leatherman, 2008).


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