Sample Paper on Leadership Project

Leadership project

Leadership entails controlling and influencing a group of people. The best form of leadership is servant leadership as it involves every member of a given group or society. Leadership should also focus on holistic transformation based on creative and critical thinking. Leaders are always challenged to come up with projects that would contribute to achieving their set goals. This assignment discusses leadership projects in which a leader demonstrates skills gained during the undergraduate degree program (Benincasa, 2012).

For any leader to achieve his goals, he or she must remember that the employees and the target market have almost equal level of importance. A community development workshop project would thus be a necessity for a leader. This project would aim at improving the diversity on the leadership team, particularly at the workplaces. This is due to the social interaction the worker experiences with their client. It would also help in the development of marketing plan since the leader through his team would have an understanding of the potential market (Benincasa, 2012).

The leadership project would aid in identifying various changes in leadership trends for future developments. It would also be a workshop making use of focus groups and managing of public meeting skills. The leader would delegate duties to his team about what each team should focus on while interacting with the potential market. At all times the leader would ensure his team is focused on the objectives by encouraging them. The leaders are also required to ensure positive participation from the audience as their input is of utmost significance. In a nutshell, a community project would help unleash all-roundedness in a leader as he or she deals with different situations and people at one particular time (Benincasa, 2012).




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