Sample Essay Paper on Leadership


I was the leader if of a six member group that was carrying out a school project. My relationship with the other group members was good hence we accomplished much.

  1. Symptoms and Analysis.
  2. Special relationship between the subordinates and I.
  3. Effective communication in the team.
  • Mutual respect among the team members.
  • Causes and motivation theories
  1. Special relationship between the subordinates and I
LMX theory –Leader
  1. Effective communication in the team
Follower theory
  • Mutual respect among team members
Group theory.
  1. FIX
  1. Special relationship between the subordinates and I

I gave each of the group members an equal opportunity to be listened to and they trusted me.

LMX Theory- leader subordinate relationship

  1. Effective communication in the team

I ensured that each of the member’s assignment, our goal and aspirations were communicated effectively.

Members had the right to questioning

Follower  theory

  1. Mutual respect among team members

All members were treated equally. None was more special than the other.

Group theory


The leadership setting involved a group project in school where I was elected as a leader of the project. This project involved five of my other class members who had different roles; the chairman, assistant chairman, organizing secretary and two ordinary members. My main task as the chairman was to assign duties to the other members, supervise the participation of every member as well as participate in working on one part of the six part project. My goal was to ensure that every member was participating fully in the project and that all members had an equal share of the assignment project. My followers were the five members of my team; the assistant chairman, the organizing secretary, and the two ordinary members.

Symptom and analysis

My relationship with my followers was quite good. This is due to the fact that I ensured there was a special relationship between me and all the subordinates. In my group, each of the subordinates had an equal opportunity for handling new responsibilities on a regular basis. The relationship was also good because as the leader, I nurtured high- quality and productive conversations with each of the members of my team. During my tenure as the leader of my team, I focused mainly on building the trust of the subordinates towards me. I equally ensured that respect was part and parcel of the team by enhancing discipline and honesty.

Members of my group followed me because I acted as a positive role model to them. They also found it easier associate with me because I respected each one of them and considered their contributions important. I ensured that I explained the benefits of the project to them as individuals as well as to the group. It was in my schedule to thoroughly explain my expectations for each of the group members.

As a leader, my source of power was referent. With this, I always worked towards attractiveness and being worthy before my followers. In return, I automatically earned their respect hence influencing effective leadership. This influenced them toward listening keenly to my views, contributions and demands as their leader. I used my referent power by identifying with my subordinates. I worked towards identifying their weaknesses and helping them work on them hence being highly influential.

As a leader, my influence style was participative. I made it possible for all my group members to actively participate in the activities involved in the project. This helped in reducing the burden on my shoulders of too much supervisory. For instance, each one of us was supposed to carry out a survey for the group project and hand in the results to the secretary within a given amount of time. Since all my subordinates had developed respect for me, each one of them was able to carry out their part on time with limited supervision.


During my leadership, I was quite successful in influencing and leading my followers. I was successful because I used two main strategies that influenced my subordinates towards a successful group project. First, I succeeded in ensuring that mutual respect was maintained in the team. I also succeeded in making all my subordinates participants in the group project. My success was measured by how much my group was working together, which I had succeeded to implement among my group members.