Sample Essay on Supervisory Skills


Supervisory Skills

As a new Vice President of  any organization, one should be ready to face many challenges regarding management and leadership. For instance, the new leader has a challenge of coping with their new employees at the new workstation. Before venturing into achieving the new goals and targets, the leader should consider a number of factors such as forming new job-related relationships with their employees. However, some of the challenges may be too hard to face. As an example, it is not an easy task to incorporate new leadership strategies to the new work level. It is prudent that some employees find it hard to work with new leaders, thus probing a serious challenge to the progress of their organizations. For this reason, new leaders should be well-prepared for the purpose of effectively improving the operations of the organization. This work will evaluate the various issues associated with taking over as a new top managerial officer in a given company.The company in discussion is Toyota.

The short-term goals of the new Vice President

            The new Vice President has a task to fulfill some of the short-term goals for the benefit of the organization. For instance, the VP may opt to improve on the quality of the services provided by employees in the organization. In this case, the VP may want to look for more qualified personnel to work in various departments of the organization (Leatherman & Leatherman, 2008). At the same time, the VP may improve on the operations of some of the most important departments in the organization. For instance, the VP may want to change the operations of the sales department for the sake of improving on the sales and marketing operations of the company.

 Long-term goals

It would be an important step to formulate a number of long-term goals, which will in turn have effects on the success of the organization as a whole. For instance, improving on the profit margin of the organization would be one of the most important goals in the operation of the business (Hill, 2013). Therefore, the VP may wish to make Toyota be one of the most popular vehicle manufacturing companies in the world. At the same time, the VP may wish to achieve some of the organization’s main goals such as helping the society in some of its activities. The integration of strategies would allow the organization progress towards the achievement of its goals and objectives.

Reorganization by the Vice President

Making changes in the immediate department would be an important strategy for the VP of the organization. Considering that the VP is in charge of the Quality Control Department, it would be essential to change on the quality of services offered by the employees. In this case, selecting one of the most qualified employees to work in various important levels would help improve on the progress of the department, as well as the organization as a whole. In addition, it would be important to reorganize the structure of the top leadership of the department. Probably, y would give room for the formulation of new strategies that would improve on the operations of the department, as well as the entire organization (Melé, 2011). Thus, considering that one is the new VP of the organization, it is essential to come up with new structures for the operations within the department, as well as the entire organization.

Training that should be done

            The new VP would have a challenge of integrating some of the new strategies and methods of operation in the quality control department, as well as the entire organization. Thus, offering training to the top management officials and junior employees would be an important task. The first training would involve training the employees on the various ways of incorporating business ethics, as well as skills in their work (Hill, 2013). Such a training would help the employees have a positive attitude towards their service within the department and the organization as a whole.The strategy would also help the VP to ensure that employees are well conversant with the ethics and requirements of operating a successful business in society.

Another form of training that would be essential for the organization is on how to conduct some of the activities within the organization using the new VP’s strategies. Such a training would imply that the employees are not new to the new methods of operations that the VP is about to introduce to the organization for the purpose of making improvements. In general, all trainings should be accompanied with the specification targets of the organization.

An analysis of the challenge that the VP would face

Serving as a new leader in any organization would mean that there is a lot to face. And as stated earlier in this work, the new VP will have to put in strategies that would help him face the challenges. The first challenge would involve the formation of new business relations with the employees. It would be hard for some of the employees to admit the fact that they have a new VP, thus, accommodating the new face would be a problem (Melé, 2011). The VP should look for means that would help him relate with the employees, in order to avoid any conflicts with some of the critics.

At the same time, the VP would face the challenge of incorporating new ideas and strategies into the business. Admittedly, some of the top management officials of the company would not always agree with new ideas. Despite the fact that the VP would be viable for his decisions, some activities would require wide consultations. Thus,some of the senior and junior employees would be reluctant to accept some transformations brought about by the new VP.

Directors’ leadership traits

As the new Vice President, it is expected that the chiefs of the divisions have specific authority characteristics, as well as traits. It is prudent that one of the qualities would be the trustworthiness. All the chiefs should be reliable. Likewise, the executives would be required to correspond consistently with the VP. At long last, the VP would anticipate that the executives will confer themselves in their work. For the VP to guarantee that the qualities are depicted in the executives, he or she must be the first to depict the abilities. Through such a step, the VP will have served as a sample to different executives (Leatherman & Leatherman, 2008).

In summary, it is important that and new leader learns various ways of dealing with the possible challenges in their paths. Through training, and the formation of healthy business relationships with employees, it would be an easy task to adapt to the new setting.


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