Sample Essay on Self-Evaluation on Charismatic Leadership

Total Scoring:                                          

Consciousness in managing the state of mind: 18

Having self-awareness: 15

Artfully communicating: 16

Radiating Likeability & empathy: 17

Inspiring confidence: 18

Servicing as a leader: 12

Maintaining presence: 13

Authentically being your true self: 17

Good leaders are identified based on the leadership qualities they possess. There are varieties of these character traits which are not inborn but one can learn about, develop them and make them become part of them. Most of the followers are inspired by the charismatic leadership because this quality of a leader makes them believe that the leader has the ability to lead them appropriately and represent them well in different occasions or sittings. A charismatic leader has the ability to communicate important information to the followers and give direction to their followers. It is therefore significant to evaluate the leaders in terms of capabilities and performance. Evaluation is significant as it aids at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a leader. The investigation carried out to evaluate my level of charisma as a leader puts me above average.

Some of the important qualities that determine a charismatic leader include the consciousness in managing the state of mind, radiation of likeability and empathy, inspiring confidence, and authenticating true self. These qualities are considered to be more vital because they demonstrate strong impact on other people’s behaviours. My desire to be a leader in future is based on these qualities and therefore I intend to continue developing them to improve my leadership style.

The evaluation scale has enabled me to identify the key areas where I need to improve on to increase my knowledge about leadership. I have been able to realize that for me to acquire self-awareness, I have to achieve emotional intelligence and acquire more strength through self-evaluation. A leader needs to first understand them before they could actually get to understand others. For one to qualify to be a good leader, they have to demonstrate their commitment and understanding the needs of their followers. The impacts of a charismatic leader in the lives of the followers can only be felt if they fully understand the aspirations and the needs of the followers. By evaluating myself occasionally, I am able to improve on the areas i consider to be my weakest.