Sample Essay on Reflective Overview of My Leadership Skills and Abilities

A leader is an individual who can direct, motivates, inspires and mentors a group of individual in order to produce change and accomplish the objectives of an organization. A leader needs to have some skills and abilities for effective leadership. Interpersonal skills are one of the abilities required by a leader. For an influential leader to be a unique leader he/she needs to have the interpersonal skills to inspire his followers. I am an eloquent speaker gifted with communication skills, capable of expressing ideas appropriately. This communication skill helps a leader in communicating the vision of achieving the goals and enhancing the credibility of leaders. A leader needs to have facilitating and leadership skill that inspires dedication towards goals accomplishment. The monitoring and negotiating skills give members chance to know each other and also promote peaceful resolving of conflicts in an organization.

The inspirational leader is capable of delivering the best to an organization. Ensuring transparency in an organization is the main goal for me as a leader. Transparency earns a leader trust from his followers and that enables great outcomes of a leader’s ability. Enthusiasm is another ability to deliver to the team as a leader by having to enjoy the ideas that excite me and reflect my real interests. For an inspirational leader need to have a purpose in purpose is having the plan to work towards the objectives and sharing the plan with the team. An inspirational leader needs to insist on delivering the best by his team and encourage optimism in the team.

In addition to that the most successful ability that am capable of delivering and has enabled me in delivering my duty as a leader, the ability to inspire and excite others rewarded me great leadership skills. Inspiring others as my greatest ability in achieving the vision of success of an organization in addition to the qualities of commitment, enthusiasm, and vision. This personality enables me to inspire my team to meet the goals set. The great accomplishment of the future goal of a company requires the leader to invest in inspiring his team.  Besides abilities of inspiring others great decision making with enthusiasm requires a charismatic leader. He needs to have the values of encouraging devotion while leading others. These skills of being an outstanding leader earn me extraordinary skills in leadership process making me attractive and admired by others.

Furthermore, the great leadership trait in me is the toughness and the aggressiveness. These two traits are the most preferred for a leader to be successful, great emotional intelligence and skilled communication is what makes a good leader. A leader needs to have mental toughness so that he/she is able to work had and be able to respond to the resilient to failure in a company. This quality enables the team to work hard and stick to the long term goals. Mental toughness is one of the most important skills for the success of a team’s targets. This attribute creates a winning mindset among the team members; toughness in a leader creates a good character and promotes stick-ability in the team.

In conclusion, a good leader is the success of the organization, when a team has a good leader all the objectives and goals of the company are accomplished. I am best described as a visionary leader who leaders for growth and accomplishment of the organization’s goals. Despite some weakness that a leader may encounter while leading but with the great trait if inspiring others, enthusiasm, aggressiveness and good communication skills he is still identified as a good leader.




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