Sample Essay on Balancing School and Family Obligations

Every focused human being has an obligation to set objectives for them to achieve successfully. For a successful living, people must keep working hard to meet their targets irrespective of the difficulties associated with accomplishing those goals. In establishing goals to be achieved in life, people need to consider the likelihood of the goal being achieved. This paper, therefore, presents how I want to improve on reaching the primary purpose of balancing family obligations alongside schoolwork during an upcoming trip.

Family obligations come together with several day-to-day tasks that a person undertakes. Everybody should, therefore, multitask irrespective of the tightness of their schedules. Across the globe, various people possess unrelated obligations. Personally, am obliged to be responsible for some of my family affairs irrespective of where I am at any point in time.

Throughout my entire life, my upbringing was much done by only one guardian. Most of the success and challenges in providing for all the family needs were experienced by my mother, who had all the responsibilities on her shoulders. Unfortunately, lately, she is having deteriorating health, hence making it vital to focus on her care, a duty that I took upon myself to perform for quite a while. Apart from continuous school work, I have an obligation of making sure that my ailing mother correctly gets proper medication and attention at home. Additionally, I have to ensure that my younger siblings get their daily meals and take their homework done in due course. Such obligations make me be at home as fast as possible immediately my school duties end. My set goal is to ensure that I meet all those requirements appropriately(Knapp, Copland, & Portin, 2006).

During the upcoming trip, I will still be required to make sure that I handle such responsibilities because I have always wished to excel in my studies and assist my family. My wish has always been guided by a quote in The Energy Bus that “We live in an Energy Field of Dreams!” Joy cheered. “If you build it in your mind, focus on seeing it, and take action, the success will come.” My family obligations and the class duties are all important in my life. I am required to participate in class activities fully for my success and also, I am expected to ensure that my family responsibilities are accomplished, either whenever I am around or not. Arguably, I cannot complain to be excluded from the trip to attend to family obligations for I may fail to think of any possible solution(Day, Parsons, Welsh,&Harris, 2002). A decision supported by another quote in The Energy Bus that “If you are complaining you can’t be thinking about or creating what you do want.”

To make my goal achievable during the trip period, I will ensure that my best friend remains at our home to provide attention to my ailing mother and also guide my younger siblings. In so doing, I will not have failed in any of my responsibilities following a quote from the Energy Bus that “You haven’t failed until you stop trying.” Additionally, I believe in this favorite friend, and that he is going to offer my mother attention in addition to guiding the siblings appropriately during this trip, keeping the measurable. Finally, am confident that this objective will be achieved, especially following such trust existing in our unusual friendship.

To conclude, every person is obliged to respect and appreciate the goals they have in their lives. I would also like to point out the importance of dedication in ensuring the objectives are realized. Each and every goal must not get filled with exaggerations, but instead, be measurable, realistic and achievable.


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