Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Riverside Pediatric Associates

In case I am in either Sanchez or Hudson’s shoes, I would in the first place improve the respect and collaborative communication among the staffs to enhance harmonious coexistence. It is evident that the staffs are not working towards the well-being of the organization because of the expansion challenges and frustrations that the organization is currently facing. This is because the staffs are not in a position to handle the influx of the patients visiting the hospital. Evidently, the scheduling of the patients is chaotic, the waiting rooms are packed, as well as the relationships among the staffs is broken. Therefore, it is to my opinion that for them to reverse the alarming trend it is imperative to improve the respect and collaborative communication among the staffs.

Appreciation Inquiry is an approach to initiating positive change in an organization with the aim of fostering development. AI is based on the 4D model that can be summarized with 4Ds namely discover, dream, design, and destiny. I would do the following to implement the four steps. Firstly, I would implement discover by encouraging the staff members to interact among themselves at different levels. As for the dream, I would support and form a group of the staff members with the aim of making them envision the overall success of the organization. Moreover, I would implement a design by empowering and forming the staff groups so that they could realize the organization dream. Lastly, I would implement destiny by ensuring that all of the above factors are realized.

The dilemma of being either physicians or leaders is a great concern to Sanchez and Hudson. It is very clear that they are unable to perform both functions efficiently. Therefore, the best way that they can approach this situation is to employ credible and competent personnel that would oversee the management issues. This approach would also enable them to specialize in being physicians, which they are skilled and trained. However, the leadership skills that Sanchez and Hudson must display to overcome the challenges are strategic planning, visionary, and focus. Moreover, they must be courageous and have high levels of integrity.

From This Point On

It can be argued that the regions failure to respond to the Wilkes´s initiative is because they have the feeling that their jobs are secured even if the initiative fails to materialize. The regions believe Wilkes´s job is on the line. Wilkes failed in communication and making the decision about the implementation of the initiative. Therefore, the regions felt left out in the decision making that resulted in the frustration of the implementation of the change.

It is important that Wilkes solicit the support of both Bernini and McCain. The best ways to achieve their support is by requesting both Bernini and McCain to grant him permission of taking disciplinary measures on those who do not adhere to the initiative.

Wilkes can have a new plan of calling for a joint meeting after successfully lobbying more powers from the Bernini and McCain. In the meeting, he would make an agreement with the regions in the presence of both the Bernini and McCain that the initiative must be implemented. During the same meeting, Wilkes must come up openly and tell the regions of the possible punishments in case they fail to implement the initiative. Lastly, Wilkes must come up with strategies for monitoring the actual implementation of the initiatives that were earlier communicated. On the same note, he should devise methods of motivating the regions that are undertaking implementation and punishments for the regions that are not carrying out the implementation process.