Sample Creative Thinking Paper on Leadership and Organizational Behavior

After answering the path-goal questionnaire, the scores obtained are as follows, directive style is 34, supportive style is 33, participative style is16, and lastly the achievement-oriented style score is 27.

The four leadership measures help to form a complete profile of a leader of an organization. Different people would score differently implying that people have different leadership capabilities. The interpretation of the scores helps to create a leadership profile based on the various scores in the questionnaire. First, a 34 score in the directive style is considered high. This implies the leader is adapted to issuing directives and instructions to the subordinates. The leadership score on directive approach helps to ensure that the subordinates are reminded of their tasks in the organization. It could be seen as an authoritarian leadership style. In terms of supportive style, the score is common implying that the leadership traits within the expected supportive measures. Any supportive scores above 33 would imply the highest level of supportive leaders. This means that the leader is ready to assist the workers even in their personal life since the personal lives of the workers affect the overall performance of the organization. The participative score is common score representing a leader who is not ready to involve the subordinates in the decision-making. However, the leader often consults the subordinates on certain matters regarding the management and operation of the organization. The last achievement-oriented style score has the highest score level using the path goal questionnaire. The score determines that the leadership skills target certain goals and achievement. Every organization has some targets to achieve, but the leaders push for the overall achievement in the organization.