Sample Coursework Paper on Values and Ethics for the 21st Century

Response Paper

Greg, I must commend you for being able to identify the type of leadership style that FedEx applied. The leadership style of developing people first instead of a product is what I believe is known as people-centric leadership style which FedEx utilized to breathe life into the business. Majority of such leaders are always loved and respected by their employees because of the fact that they place their interest first above the profit showing some of humanity. The meaning and purpose of work can therefore be understood because of the leadership style that promotes mainly integrity. It is important for women and men in the leadership position to equip themselves by biblical-based approach of leading people in order to overcome the everyday ethical challenges that exist in business in the modern world (Rae & Wong, 2012).

I love the fact that you talked about the real facts that involves leadership like complains that can violate the enterprise principles. When top down strategy is used in leadership, it is easy for a company to overcome its setbacks especially when the leaders decide to treat the employees in the right way that would make them recognize their problem and work towards correcting it (Frost, 2015).

Greg, you have mentioned on your post that FedEx did not only focus on treating their employee’s right, but also their consumers while operating in honesty and fun. Consumer loyalty can be achieved when they feel that their needs are met by the company in a way that would meet their demands (Kumar & Pansari, 2015). When employees are satisfied, they will do their best to ensure that their approach towards their job is good which will in turn result in productivity and profit.



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