Sample Coursework Paper on School of Thought

The humanistic psychology school of thought centres on a person’s free-thinking, particular growth and the aspect of self-actualization. This school of thought is significant in expressing how persons attain full potential. Individuals who pursue inventiveness strive to get to great heights of realization and wisdom. This paper implores the school of thought where a CEO heads a company that fails continually.

a company that is headed by a CEO who is paid highly as the greatest chances of failing. Self-actualizers tend to execute the vocational responsibilities. Failure of full realization of one’s needs, the individual feels worthless and mediocre. The stratagem developed by an institute should serve purposes beyond the existing enterprise portfolios. This calls for the supervision to widen the investment priorities. Self-actualizing persons maintain decorum in the centre of uncertainty. This is important as one does not lose the objective of business frameworks.

In addition, self-actualizers are emotionally brilliant. Usually, these folks are pragmatically familiarized and superior capabilities to deduce truths in all circumstances. Richard should stop blaming others for the failure of the organization and amass his efforts towards positive aspects of the company.  Despite the fact that the troupe is not doing well, Thomas exhibits immense understanding of commerce as well as people expertise. He feels that the company should adopt effective strategies to be able to beat the crisis it faces.

 The CEO should embrace information that is critical in bettering his leadership life. This goes a long way fulfilment of his potentials. Despite the huge payments, CEO tends to perform poorly. For the company to succeed, Kegan and Lahey should think differently.  It is important that the two leaders re-evaluate their working structures and establish novice ways of doing business. An organization that fails continually should adopt measures that better the company’s performance.