Sample Case Study Paper on My Personality Type

My personality type is EST J, one of the sixteen personality types in the world. A person with my personality type functions in a coordinated and traditional manner. Consequently, I work well in groups, and I enjoy leading people in doing the right thing both in the workplace and in the social setting. My personality type puts me in the leadership position because I have the ability to mobilize people and to achieve a certain target regardless of the challenges. An EST J personality requires a person to lead by example; therefore, one must be involved in day-to-day operations to achieve the intended results. Additionally, people with the EST J personality type value dignity, honesty, and dedication. I enjoy working with people who are focused on attaining their goals at all cost. Consequently, I like doing things the right way, regardless of the challenges. My experience guides my decisions, and I believe in the procedural kind of operation (Myers and Peter 54). On the other hand, my focus on a specific way of operation limits my ability to embrace new methods. Additionally, I do not work well as a follower because I like leading people and bringing people together for a common purpose.

My personality type allows me to work well with people because I value honesty and dignity, and I am dedicated to my work. I am a team player, and I always lead by example. Group activities encourage people to work together. The use of traditional procedural methods of operations makes it possible for a person with my personality type to work comfortably with other people because the directions of operations are already defined. In most cases, people find it difficult to coexist with others in a situation where everyone has the liberty to act in their ways. Therefore, a person with an EST J personality does not face the challenges of varied opinions from people within the group because alternative methods are not encouraged. Consequently, people with the EST J personality type are great conflict resolvers (Myers and Peter 39). The ability to maintain harmony within the group allows the people with the personality type to fit well with the rest of the people in the world. However, my personality type makes it hard to allow other people’s opinions in the decision-making, which is a problem in the current world. The inability to involve other people in the decision-making process compromises my ability to become an excellent team player.

The best way to improve my ability to function well with people of varied personality types is to maximize on my strengths and minimize my weaknesses. The EST J personality allows one to become a leader in every setting (Myers and Peter 73). Therefore, I can use such opportunities to learn more about the people within my team and learn about how to become more flexible in my decisions. One of the greatest challenges of a person with my personality type is the inability to let new ideas in, at the expense of an old mode of operation. As such, a person with my personality type can allow the use of more than one approaches to an activity because people cannot operate in a similar manner at all the times. Consequently, a person with the EST J personality type can use their honesty to convince people in doing things in a certain way thus promoting unity and teamwork.

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