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Sample Case Study Paper on Bethune: The Continental Airlines

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Sample Case Study Paper on Bethune: The Continental Airlines

Present as a personality profile of Gordon Bethune the case takes a look at how the Continental Airlines carried out its affairs with different CEOs.  On his assumption of the role as CEO of the Continental Airlines, he had difficulties in handling a number of issues at the airline, which ranged from upheaval and turmoil due to initial changes of CEOs since the departure of the longest serving one, Robert Forman. To calm down the problems that were present at the airline he adopted four execution mechanisms that he saw necessary in tackling the problems that were at hand.  He was of the idea that continental needed to better understand what products customers wanted and were willing to pay for, It needed to change its costs and cash flow so that the airline could continue to operate, It had to be an airline that got its customers to their destinations safely, on time, and with their luggage and lastly needed to create a culture where people wanted to come to work.

Majority of the employees at the airline supported this initiative while the ones dissatisfied by the new move left the airline as they saw that the new measures could not accommodate them. The Go Forward Plan seemed to bring new ideas to the company as there was a re-energized workforce enabling it to make formidable strides and return to its initial performance level within two years, it moved from worst to first in many airline performance metrics.

Unlike in its historical days when the airline was able to outsource its expertise to other companies, the present mechanisms adopted by the company did not provide for outsourcing because there were limited schedules for available reports including the mainframe systems that provided a limited set of scheduled reports as there was no support for ad hoc queries since each department had its own approach to data management and reporting. The era preceding Gordon’s witnessed negative undertakings as the company was on the brink of collapsing. This is because employees did not adhere to the guidelines set for them to diligently carry out their duties. They did not put the much needed efforts to ensure that Continental airlines provided the best services to its clients. They were care to the extend that some would remove company logos on their official work uniforms. This is a show of disrespect and lack of allegiance to their employing firm.

As if that was not enough the company also lost a great number of customers since the lost trust and belief in the airline. It was therefore upon Gordon to adopt probable measures to ensure that things were back on track and that the customers that had sorted refuge in other company were won back. Both technical and organizational problems were displayed by the airline. The airline also showed lack of corporate data infrastructure for employees to quickly access the information they needed to gain key insights about the business because the senior management’s vision was to merge data into a single source, with information scattered across the organization so that employees in all departments could conduct their own business analysis to execute better and run a better and more profitable airline.

The theory adopted in this case is the theory of reasoned action/behavioral learning approach; this is presented when Gordon is bale to enact measures that he sees proper to ensure success of the airline. As a result of the new measures he brought about, we see the employees working in unison and collaboration while those that saw the new measures unfavorable decided to quit.  This behavioral learning approach was clearly applied by the Continental Airlines as it achieved the intended purpose of reduction of the level of absenteeism as well as realization of great performance levels by the employees who worked under Gordon after the poorly managed era of Frank Lorenzo when employees were reluctant to work as they lacked motivation and there was no force that pushed them to instill effort in their area of work evidenced by the frequent removal of badges and company logo from their employee uniforms.

From his personal observation, Bethune found the probable method that would ensure employees worked diligently and the passengers restored the faith that had long been overtaken by events. The introduction of quarterly bonuses for its employees depending on the targets achieved as per the ratings of the federation of airports authority and specifically depending on claims, customer complainants and baggage losses for the employees was a good move that boosted the morale of the employees. The employees were further entered into draws to win prices at the Ford explorers which totally changed the behaviour of the airline turning around negative perception people had for the airline as well as putting it back on track in terms of performance

It is not usual for business ventures or service providing companies to communicate the preferred behaviors and expect different outcomes, in most cases companies hope that they will get good tidings from the undertakings in the communication cycle depending on the environments it is thus of great value that employees be appreciated through rewards as they help in achieving the desired behaviors. In most cases, two proportions are adopted by companies in measuring the performance level either the business results and desired behaviors in their quest to encourage through recognition of certain aspects such as positive behaviors.

The environment from which an individual operates strengthens particular behaviors taking either a positive or negative turn depending on the context making certain aspects such as adult learning be seen strictly as a more centrist approach is neo behaviorism because all these events come up as a result of the relationship between individuals which is strengthened by the motivation.  

 As per the behavioral learning approach reinforcement at workplace has its own gains and losses. Depending on how the lead individuals decide to enforce certain laws and norms to the company there would definitely be opposers and supporters of an initiative, it is therefore important that an organization realizes the various practices that will stir success ad will not lead to negative outcomes.  The main aim of this approach is to guide employees to have a uniform desire and that is where the reward comes in. the reward mechanism is just a way of informing the employee that out of the much toil that is required of you there is also a gain that awaits your thus ensure that all that is required of you is discharged accordingly. An organization that successfully enacts this theory realizes much gain than loss.


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Sample Case Study Paper on Bethune: The Continental Airlines

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Sample Case Study Paper on Bethune: The Continental Airlines

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Sample Case Study Paper on Bethune: The Continental Airlines

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