Sample Book Review Paper on Leadership Studies

In chapter 34 of women and the Labyrinth of leadership, it is a common perception that women will gain greater access to leadership roles, including the elite positions. University students who have been asked concerning the future power of men and women contend that the power of women will increase. However, even with this in mind, there is a small penalty for women who behave like men. Many women in leadership are concerned about not being liked. A unique female leadership method exists.

There is a clear distinction between transactional and transformational leadership methods. Transformational leadership is established through role models. Transformational leaders make many followers have faith and confidence in their leadership styles. They show their goals and create achievable plans. Transformational leaders mentor and encourage other people. They provide and take adopt relationships that are appealing to their staff.

The female leaders adopt transformative leadership methods more than males. Female leaders support and encourage their subordinate. They engage in worthwhile behaviors, which are aspects of transactional leadership. Women, on the ideology of transactional leadership make use of the corrective and disciplinary measures that are both active and passive. Men adapt to the laissez-faire leadership method since it suits them. Women like to engage in participative and collaborative leadership methods as compared to their male counterparts. This is likely due to genetics.

For a company to be able to see more women leaders in its positions, companies should increase peoples’ awareness of prejudice toward the female leaders. The lengthy hour’s norm should be changed. The main aim of the performance activity can be reduced. A good number of women should crave for the top leadership levels.