Sample Assignment Paper on Leader’s Self Insight

Insight score

Questions                Needs                                   Score

1-2                  Physiological Health needs         mostly true

3-4                   Economic and safety needs        mostly true

5-6                   Belonging and social needs        mostly true

7-8                   Esteem needs                              mostly true

9-12                Self-actualizations                        mostly true

 Average score                      mostly true

Working in a supermarket as part time job when out of school was such an interesting thing. I am always passionate about serving people. I first identified my strengths and weaknesses of working in an environment with people of different social statuses. I evaluated my schedules to ensure the job does not interfere with my studies. More so, while working at the supermarket I felt physically safe since I like interacting with different people. Accordingly, attending to customers in the supermarket helped me health wise since I am always moving up and down. This is a good exercise because walking gives me the benefit of being active and physically fit.

Most significantly, I am satisfied with this job. More so, the money I earn is enough for me as a student since I only need some cash for upkeep.  The job is convenient since I only come to work when free. That was the agreement made with the management and it makes the job more convenient. It is also worth mentioning that I manage to go to work despite having tight classes.  I have had the quality of leadership skills to manage both my studies and job.

In addition, I interact with different people at work. This has enabled me create more friends and with all the movements involved in the job and classes, I had to be tough and aggressive while working. These two qualities are admired by my friends whom I inspired to work hard. After work I create few hours to keep fit. The latter is what I enjoy the most when out of classes and when free.

Nonetheless, I managed to lead my workmates due to my spirit of enthusiasm. As a result, my skills of leadership were appreciated. Being hardworking, determined and courageous in handling all the work given has also been recognized since I do my best.  I am also energetic, aggressive, motivated, something that inspires everyone including friends. For creativity, I learned a lot about making goods on display appear attractive to customers. I also learnt how to interact with customers of different personalities and stature.




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