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Newly elected American President Trump is expected to assume office in the next coming days. The world is apprehensive his speech and the changes he is to make. This concern has compelled Baldoni John to write about the specific words President Trump is to avoid in his Inaugural address. Likewise, Canada has been guessing what is in store for the nation and has thus made a cabinet shuffle. Semotiuk addresses these changes in Canada’s cabinet as a preparation for the changes Trump is expected to create.

In the article, “’We’ Over ‘I’: What Donald Trump Must Say in His Inaugural

Address,” Baldoni is apprehensive over the comments the incoming president is to make (2017). It is yet unclear whether he will challenge the nations as former president John F. Kennedy did or whether he will show resolve as former President Ronal Reagan did. Similar to his former speeches, Baldoni fears that the newly elected president’s speech may be more about himself rather than his team. Just as his style has always been, Trump wishes the speech to be punchy and direct, and resorts to writing it himself. It is presently unmistakable to the public that Trump is not an orator but a critic, and that his expression is mostly combative rather than unifying. Since Trump is about style rather than substance, his former speeches have been marked by cant with falsehoods, and shifts from thoughts to thoughts. Baldoni goes on to assert that even if Trump’s statements have not been factual, he has previously shown minimal concern (Baldoni, 2017).

For this reason, therefore, it is highly necessary for the incoming President Trump to hire speechwriters. By employing professional writers, Trump will capably share with the nation his vision and thus create a picture of how he and his team will succeed. Additionally, it is necessary for the incoming president to command respect and honor through the choice of words when addressing the public. By hiring qualified speech writers, Trump will address the needs of his country, rather than defend himself against his critics. Baldoni asserts that there should be more application of the term ‘we’ in his speech rather than the term ‘I’, which in essence conveys weaker team work. Use of the term ‘we’ in speech conveys stronger team players and worth in teamwork than the use of the term ‘I’ as mostly used by Trump. Besides, the use of the term ‘I’ than ‘we’ seem more autocratic than democratic.

Semotiuk captures the impact of Trump’s policy on “America first” on professional employment through NAFTA free trade agreement (2017, January). It is difficult to foretell the future concerning trade relations with America. If Trump may decide to make changes, then most of the American workers in Mexico and in Canada will be affected. In preparation for Trump’s address, Canadian Prime Minister has reshuffled the cabinet and designated Chrystia Freeland as the incoming Minister of Foreign Affairs. Freeland’s former good relationship with America may be beneficial to Canada in the phase of change of leadership. Previously, Freeland successfully sealed Canada’s Free trade deal with the European Union recently in her capacity as Minister of International Trade (Semotiuk, 2017).

Cabinet reshuffling in Canada taps changes that will make the country retain good relations with America and still be in a position to hold successful business with China and Japan. In case former trade agreements with America may fail, Canada’s changes in the cabinet will see it gain status with other successful nations such as China. The move by the Canada’ Prime Minister clearly shows apprehension among world leaders to work with Trump as incoming America’s president.

In conclusion, the anticipated inauguration of elected President Trump draws mixed reactions nationally and internationally. These reactions come from previous speeches Trump has made regarding his vision. Rather than showing his desire to work as a team, Trump has clearly created feelings of uneasiness. From the two articles reviewed, it is apparent that Trump’s inaugural speech will greatly affect America’s teamwork internally and internationally. It is besides evident that choice of words when addressing the public depicts the kind of a leader a person can become.




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