Coursework Sample Paper on Program Reflection: Lead Yourself

Coursework Sample Paper on Program Reflection: Lead Yourself

By being part of the lead yourself program, I had to participate in a team process. The team I was part of can be said to have been effective based on the operation modules and principles that I observed in it. Effective teams are characterized by factors such as collaboration; effective communication; clarity of team goals; clear roles and responsibilities among members; member flexibility; motivation; accountability and many other characteristics. I can say that my team was effective because I observed these key features in it. For instance, all the team members practiced effective communication by speaking out their minds, listening to others non-judgmentally, being open minded and ensuring regular communication. These actions made it possible for all the members to be informed of the group dynamics at all times and to develop a strong team relationship. Furthermore, we had all come together with clear goals in mind. This coupled with well defined roles within the group made it possible for us to pursue our objective of leading ourselves.

The first group goal was to enhance self knowledge. I believe the group achieved this effectively through collaboration between members undertaking different roles. For instance, there was a group coordinator whose main role was to organize group meetings and to facilitate the same towards accomplishment of assigned objectives. Collaboration between group members was observed through willingness to accept faults where necessary, helping others out when facing challenges and acknowledging strengths and weaknesses of each other and subsequently providing support where one’s strengths were limited. The group also portrayed flexibility in decision making through evaluation of available options and subsequently settling for the most optimized choice among many. For instance, people would weigh the pros and cons of particular actions with regards to self leadership and provide guidance on the best course of action.

Each of the group members also showed accountability in the performance of the assigned roles and responsibilities. I believe this could be achieved because all members of the team had been assigned to it willingly and were thus aware of their importance to the group. Through effective collaboration and the incessant participation of all members in the decision making process, the group realized great progress. Members showed exemplary motivation to be in the group and all held high morale while working in the team. I can say this also helped to push our performance as greater morale in a team results in higher willingness to engage in problem solving and in capacity building where necessary. I also believe having clear vision for the future also helped our team to ensure effectiveness. This would have been impossible without the input of individual desire to be a better person. From this perspective, each individual member of the team participated in various ways to ensure that the team as a whole is effective in achieving its goals.

Based on the actions of other members as well as my own and the observations thereof, I believe that I learnt a lot about building effective teams. Any team requires all the properties of an effective team but cannot possess them without the actions of the people in the team. Therefore, I learnt that one of the ways through which I could enhance my team effectiveness is through being open minded and flexible. In this way, I get to learn a lot and to build my skills in particular areas of my life. As such, I get to be of more value to the team and to myself thereafter. Secondly, I would also listen to others without judging them. Being part of team exposes one to a variety of new ideas and alternative ways of getting things done. I understand that this may be difficult when one feels right at all times. Where a team member is not flexible, the entire team can face challenges in reaching their assigned goals due to excessive debates and lack of cohesion. I learnt from this team that I can boost my team’s effectiveness by being open to new ideas and flexible in their application. Moreover, I also learnt that through this flexibility, one can improve the quality of solutions that a team develops for its set of challenges. To enhance performance even further, it became clear to me that I had to add value to the team through my contributions. For instance, the main objective of working in teams is to improve efficiency through combination of skills and capabilities. By sharing out the skill I have, I would improve the group performance to a large extent.

From the reflections held about the group activities, I can conclude that my team was effective. However I recognize the fact that each person played their role effectively for this to be so. Active participation and clarity of goals and responsibilities are some of the things that are considered inevitable in the effective operation of a team. I therefore feel that my team performed effectively in terms of enhancing self leadership and in improving self knowledge among members.