Sample Paper on Statement Explaining Need for Financial Assistance

My reasons for seeking financial assistance to undertake the class involve specific circumstances in my private and professional life that I believe enhance my merit for such help. First, I am the de facto head of the household, with critical responsibilities to take care of my mother and important expenses such as rent and other expenditures necessary for daily wellbeing. I am dedicated to this responsibility because of my mother’s significant dependence on me for her wellbeing, especially with her growing age. My mother trusts in me as her source of financial and other assistance, while I also feel a strong responsibility towards her not only because of the biological connection between us but also owing to a long-term and highly developed trusting, loving, and caring relationship between us. This means that in all my commitments, including academic and professional undertakings, I have to consider the effects that my choices have on her, taking care not to undermine her wellbeing and exposing her to financial and wellbeing risks.

In the context of these responsibilities, I have been working diligently in three jobs simultaneously. To free up time for my studies, I now have to quit two of them, effectively reducing my income. This means that I shall have less capacity to fulfill my responsibilities as the de facto head of the household, especially taking care of rent, my mother’s daily needs, and my own upkeep. Such diminished income would leave my mother vulnerable to financial and welfare problems, which would be unfortunate and unfair considering her trust in my assistance. Since I would have to spend my own income and savings on tuition fees for the class and related expenses without financial assistance, I would imperil the financial security of our family, influencing my inability to meet essential financial and daily needs. In fact, without financial assistance, I may have to reconsider my decision to undertake the class, considering the severe financial problems that the need to quit the two jobs for ample time to study would cause for my family and I.

I am determined to pursue this class to the end and graduate with an excellent result. I believe that the skills, knowledge, and experience that the class promises shall strengthen my capacity to serve and contribute valuably to my community. The class also promises to improve the current level of my personal and professional competence and maturity, making me a better citizen and enhancing the quality of my participation in the community. I believe that persistent academic development represents an effective way to improve personal life and enhance an individual’s participation and contribution to the society, and hence social development.

While I am keen to undertake the class and graduate with a greater and more valuable scope of skills and experience than those I have currently, I am also concerned about the impact of such sacrifice on the wellbeing of my mother, considering her dependence on my income for her wellbeing. In the context of this dilemma, I am eager to obtain an arrangement that can enable me to enroll and succeed in the class while avoiding the difficulties in finances and family wellbeing that my quitting two of the three jobs to avail time for studies would cause. Financial assistance in my studies would facilitate this dream greatly. I believe that these circumstances in my life make up a strong case for my merit of financial assistance.