Sample Law Essay Paper on Healthcare policies in Massachusetts

The formulation and implementation of all guidelines, rules, and procedures for the
administration of the state's healthcare system are part of Massachusetts' healthcare policy. The
diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical and mental illness and injury are all included in
the Massachusetts healthcare system. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC) is an
established governmental organization tasked with keeping track of the state's rising health care
costs and making data-driven suggestions for changes to the way that care is delivered and
compensated (Mirsky et al., 2021). Through its independent policy advocacy and creative
investment programs, the HPC seeks to advance a health care system that is more open,
accessible, and egalitarian. Health information technology and privacy are some of the core
issues that are currently represented in Massachusetts news stories about health (Rhoads, 2019).
Some of the state's top medical news items also include the lack of primary care physicians and
the accessibility to and insurance coverage of mental health care.

There are various "upstream" issues that Massachusetts is now dealing with, particularly
laws, expanding access to healthcare, and income incentives that could potentially have an
impact on a large number of people. Poor nutrition, aggression, smoking, sexual activity, and
drug misuse are some of the upstream issues that are now present in Massachusetts. Access to
healthcare and the standard of care provided by the state are two upstream concerns that have
long troubled the residents of the state (Mirsky et al., 2021). They have had an impact on the
majority of state residents, together with the rising expense of healthcare, which has negatively
impacted on Massachusetts residents' disposable income (Rhoads, 2019). However, some of

these upstream concerns are intended to be fully addressed by the state's health policy. Some of
these issues have been partly or entirely rectified by the APRN.

I firmly believe that Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who have received
doctoral training may have a positive impact on the general health of Massachusetts residents.
These APRNs have significantly improved the quality of medical care in Massachusetts by
providing patients with the most advanced care in healthcare organizations. These doctors have
been able to provide patients with the tools they require to live better lives and recover from
illnesses. Patients receive prescriptions from healthcare professionals, who also educate them on
the best practices for achieving the necessary medical compliance with their demands. The rising
number of APRN nurses in the state who have obtained the highest level of nursing degree and
have obtained very advanced medical training and skills are currently helping a lot of patients
(Mirsky et al., 2021). The doctoral-level nursing programs are crucial to the future of healthcare
in Massachusetts, according to these nurses who have received their Doctor of Nursing Practice
degrees. These programs have so far given the nurses the skills they need to keep track of patient
numbers outside of the acute care setting and to forecast and plan for future events.

In conclusion, Massachusetts's health care policies are designed to guarantee that its
inhabitants receive the highest quality medical care. In addition to addressing issues with state
expansion of Medicaid, health information technology, and privacy, these laws also seek to
guarantee that people from disadvantaged backgrounds have complete access to medical
treatment. The ultimate objective of these policies is to design and implement laws, rules, and
regulations for the administration of the state's healthcare system.



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