Sample Law Essay Paper on Net Neutrality maintained to protect freedom of speech and preserve democracy

Net Neutrality must be maintained to protect freedom of speech and preserve democracy
because Net neutrality idea is that providers of internet access should not have discrimination
regarding what individual applicants use and interact with over the internet, thus promoting
freedom of speech (EDIAZ). Net Neutrality also contends that freedom of an individual utilizes
the internet even as an extension of uploads and downloads of content. It also enables the people
obtaining services from the providers of internet access to be able to use their own choice of
applications and devices and are allowed to have interactions with the content they choose
anywhere on the internet.
Net Neutrality must also be maintained to preserve democracy as a democracy that
requires a citizenry informed with information access from various perspectives and exchanging
ideas opportunity with others through civic engagement. Limitation of access indicates the rights
of the users in the participation of a democracy experience diminish, and the democracy
foundation for the nation becomes undermined. Hence, Net Neutrality ensures there is no limit to
access. Net Neutrality ensures the transfer of all digital speech is treated relatively despite the

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purpose, content, or origin. Net Neutrality ensures the distribution and receiving of ideas right
without discrimination through the internet.

This case is associated with ethical implications for free speech. Just like the small
business experience disadvantages, the outlets of media that are smaller might have a time that is
harder being heard. Net Neutrality means that opinions, news, and information from all the
political spectrum sides are brought to the audiences faster than traditional media such as the
internet is more open, accessible, and free. Such qualities are harmed in an environment where
prioritization that is paid is legal (NW et al.).


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