Sample Law Essay Paper on Coalition for the International Criminal Court

In Lebanon conflict the international law has been applied in many aspects to try and
contain the conflict especially between Lebanon and its neighboring country Israel. Israel has
been bombing Lebanon by claiming that Palestine is a town in Israel not Lebanon. Much of the
tension created there is as a result of invasion of Israel in Lebanon. For instance, the Lebanon
government together with the neighboring countries that are in conflict due to boundaries have
tried to employ signing of treaties to prevent damage and protection of human rights. However,
most of the treaties have lasted for a short while before the conflict starts again. According to the
international law, the states in conflict must employ several mechanisms including disarmament,
the use of force, the conduct of crime, international crime as well as migration while fighting
each other. Besides, they should prioritize protection of human rights. The Lebanon Security
Council adopted Resolution 1559 in September 2004, calling for the disarmament of all
Lebanese militias, but Hezbollah refused to lay down arms "while Israel remains a threat"1 and
the government decided not to apply pressure because the Party of God runs a network of
educational and medical facilities that serve the Government's interests (Szabó, 2011). The
international law outlines the things a state can do for self-defense under article 51 of the UN
Charter. Hezbollah and Israel were charged with breaking international humanitarian law and
perhaps committing war crimes during the 2006 Lebanon war (CICC, n.d.). The conflict was
marked by attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks, which resulted in the deaths of over
1000 Lebanese and the displacement of over 500,000 people.

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