Sample Law Essay on Social Work Policy

Social work policy refers to principles that promote social welfare to marginalized
individuals in society through social and economic justice. The social work profession is the
practical use of social values to improve individuals' quality of life. Social work professionals
work in a variety of settings, such as schools, hospitals, and counseling centers (Popple &
Leighninger, 2019). Micro-level practice refers to individualized intervention for behavior
change, while the macro-level practice is the large scale intervention through community
engagement for social development. Social work policy provides a framework for social health
professionals to carry out interventions at both the micro and macro levels.
The macro practice level focuses on addressing behavioral or relationship challenges of
an individual while macro practice level majors on solving large-scale societal problems through
advocacy. Social workers reform drug addicts and individuals with self-identity issues at micro-
level intervention. At the macro-level intervention, social work professionals work with the
government to formulate policies and legal frameworks that bring social and economic change
outcomes (Steen, 2012). Social workers also solicit funds from local governments to assist
communities at macro level mode. Micro and macro levels of social work practice dominate
social work professionals as they work collectively with individuals, communities, families, and
reform institutions and governments.
In conclusion, social work policy outlines the social values and skills needed for social
work professionals to carry out their mandate. Social work professionals discharge their duties at
two levels, which include social intervention at both micro practice and macro practice. Macro
and macro-level approach impacts on restoring social functions of the vast social structure as
well as the small unit of society. To promote social work policy, micro and macro modes of

practice necessitate additional resources. In social work, micro and macro methods of
interventions form the basis for analyzing challenges and providing solutions for the individual,
group, or society.



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