Sample Law Essay on American Election Malpractices

The videos unprecedented-The 200 presidential elections, suppressed: The Fight to vote and
hacking an election demonstrates the malpractices that took place in the American Elections since 2002.
Am example, in the 2002 presidential elections, there was the disenfranchisement of voters in which
they were the felons were prevented from taking part in the election exercise by the 1868 law. Many of
the coloured Americans did not, therefore, take part in the elections (Unprecedented: The 200
Presidential Election 18:20-20:17). About 90 of African Americas did not vote. In the 2018 presidential
election, there was also a disenfranchisement of voters. In the 2018 elections in Georgia for instance,
the voters were suppressed by conditions of missing ballots, long lines and closure of polls and strict
laws that prevented many voters from exercising their democratic right. In order to address the problem
of disenfranchisement, strict laws of equal right to vote by all people should be put in place.
In the 2002 presidential elections, there was a conflict of interest. In Florida's elections of 2002,
the recount that took place led to the announcement of Bush being the ultimate winner and his
counterpart Al Gore lost (Suppressed: The Fight to Vote 9:39-12:45). This was after the Supreme Court
ruling that the difference in the counting standards in various counties was a violation of the Equal
Protection Clause. In the 2018 general elections, on the other hand, the was a conflict of interest that
was as a result of partisan election laws. The secretaries that were elected as the chief election officers
the state were partisan. There was also a problem in the computerized election equipment(How I
hacked the Elections 02:01-03:23). The companies that made the machines meant for voting did not
allow an audit of the machines, and this left them open for fraud. To address issues related to
computerized voting machines, strict scrutiny should be done to ensure that the machines are fit and
efficient for election purpose.

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