Sample Essay Paper on the US Electoral College

The US Electoral College is not a place; these are systems set in place to facilitate the process of electing a new president. The constitution outlines the concept of voting in a new president by qualified citizens rather than having the president chosen by the Congress. The electoral congress process involves three main steps, for instance, selecting and establishing voter qualifications, the voting process, and the counting of voted to establish the winner. Besides, the presidential elections are held after the first week of November after every four years.

The US president is not directly voted in by every citizen that casts their vote. The president is rather elected through the US Electoral College. The college has 538 electors who choose the resident depending on the voter turnout. On this note, the US president must attain a majority of 270 elector’s approval to win the presidential elections. The 538 electors include 435 members of the Congress representative, 100 Senators, and three electors for the District of Columbia. In this sense, every state is different from another for instance California has 55 representatives with 53 representatives and two senators.

The electors are party affiliates selected across the states and represent their political parties while they are not forced to vote for their parties, but past trends indicate that 99% vote for the party. The electors meet after every second Wednesday after the presidential elections and vote for the president with a majority of states under the winner takes it all policy except Nebraska and Maine. Presidential candidates only compete in 12 states with the rest actively supporting either of the political parties. In application, voting is not compulsory as people who have attained the age of majority (18 years) are allowed to vote.