Sample Essay Paper on Labor Laws

In the article titled 5 Ways Work Will Change in 2017, Jared Lindzon have stated that there will be new federal regulations that will trigger companies to adapt new changes in the year 2017. The article was published 1 November, 2016 and published by with the aim of revealing changes that would take place within the labor market come next year. The story in the article relates to Labor Relations MGT-441 because it talks about federal policies and laws that will cause a change in the ways companies are run which will in turn affect the employees in the country. For instance, private companies coming up with their laws which are a threat to the way in which state business are being operated. Companies such as Netflix and Coca Cola will come up with new parental leave policies which will cause the federal to make mandated changes. Workforce policy will also change in regards to drugs use such as marijuana which will be legalized by the nation. On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs that are intended to treat diseases such as ADHD will be a center of attention of policies struggles to lower their prices.

Pay ratio disclosure laws will also be affected in the year 2017 which will reveal many details about the wage that most of the top earning organization receives. It will cause public companies to disclose their CEO ratio pay and the amount which they median employees earn (Lindzon, 2016). Lastly, in the same year, diversity policies will help in addressing the ignored minority causing a balance in the work place in America. Many of those who will benefit from this policy are the underrepresented such as people from various ethnic groups, people with disabilities and also women. They will acquire a chance to work in different organizations without any forms of struggle.


Lindzon, J. (2016, Nov 1). 5 Ways Work Will Change in 2017.