Sample Essay Paper on 1

The Supreme Court announced that it would hear the case about the Obamacare contraception mandate.  The case is about the responsibility of the affordable Care Act’s birth control that necessitates insurance plans to cover birth control, not including a copay. The court is set to listen to seven cases entailing Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell. This complaint was launched by a group of nuns who operate a religiously affiliated nonprofit organization. The Little Sisters of the Poor, Roman Catholic dioceses, Geneva College does not support the use of birth control. As a result, it wants the court to rule that the use of contraceptives is against their religious freedom to enable them to complete a form that would free them from offering birth control, but still allow their workers to get coverage using other means.  The groups argue that “accommodation” provided by the Obama administration aimed at respecting their religious objections is not recommendable because it still forces them to offer the coverage.

The case is important because the rights of nonprofits organizations are being violated. For example, several colleges, charities, hospitals, and other organizations are still being forced to take part in an attempt to offer coverage for contraceptives, together with those that they argue amount to abortion. It is important for the organizations to go to court because the government may levy fines to organizations that do not conform to the policy.  It is also for the Supreme Court to listen to the court because initially, seven appeals courts had ruled in support of the contraception mandate and the eighth court ruled against it. These contradictions have made it necessary for the Supreme Court to listen to the case.