Sample Essay on Reflection – Human Rights

Human rights and humanitarian law is broad and gave me the opportunity to interact extensively with the world legal environment on issues of humanitarian law of different legal system. One important aspect of learning this course is the extensive research and comparative study of the different jurisdictions on humanitarian law and some major international humanitarian laws. The extensive research was able to equip me with knowledge on how to use mathematical and statistical analysis techniques of data. I was also able to come up with fair and valid outcomes supported by data of the complex legal systems in international humanitarian law.

PMU has managed to equip me with better communication skills to enable me communicate effectively which is very important skill in humanitarian law. I have also had my critical thinking skills sharpened and has enabled me make informed decisions depending on the circumstances that face me in my application of skills acquired. I learned to work as a team and this enables me achieve important goals set by a group and be as much a team leader for a responsible community.

This course has provided me with important skills necessary for the survival and application of law in the 21st century. The course was able to integrate ICT skills and this has enabled me make an effective use of the skills in application of law and data gathering and compilation. The course also enhanced my skills and knowledge necessary to practice and offer my services at the global stage. I was also able to learn different research methods and how to effectively interpret data collected for action by different players in the field of law.