Sample Essay on Iraqi Women’s Protest

The Iraqi women had to protest over a draft law that had been ratified by the cabinet in March, 2014. The draft law allowed nine year-old girls to get married and spontaneously give custody of the child to the father. The Iraqi women protested during the International Women’s Day in Iraqi since the Shi’ite Islamic jurisprudence permitted the clergy to direct all the marriage cases, divorce as well as inheritance matters. The U.N was also concerned with this matter since even their representative in Iraqi, Nickolay Mladenov was on the front line to condemn the legislation of the law.

The legislation of this law was steered by the several divisions in Iraqi that have existed since the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein in 2003. This is due to the fact that the Shi’ite Islamists always seek to enforce their religious laws on everyone and expects people to obey them without questioning. The legislation also designates girls fit for marriage as long as they approach nine years. It also overlooks the husband’s right to claim for sexual intercourse with the wife whenever he wants. This legislation overlooks the fact that all women in Iraqi have the rights to regulate their individual status in accordance with the religious doctrines.

The current law in Iraqi enshrines all the women rights in regard to marriage, heirloom and the custody of children in the case of a divorce. Therefore, the women felt threatened by the proposed draft in a manner that the men would have so much control over them if the draft became a bill. This would make their lives difficult with male chauvinism controlling Iraqi henceforth.