Sample Essay on Affordable Care Act

Health care in the US is only available to individuals who have registered with the health insurance or can afford to pay for the health care from their pockets. To provide health care for all, the Congress implemented the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, to enable consumers to select a health insurance plan through cost sharing (Niles 377). One of the problems of this act is that the current health care infrastructure cannot accommodate the influx of patients. The health care system in the US has been experiencing a shortage of workforce for decades, and the situation is yet to be solved.

The Congress has never shown any interest in controlling Medicare spending, especially in restricting the doctors, as well as health care facilities, from charging too much on health care. The financing of health care insurance is left to experts who are not accountable to the public. Even though the legislatures can overrule the experts’ decisions, the public may be left to offset the medical bill while the government is likely to fall into more debts. The ACA will also cover individuals who may incur more cost than their premiums. Covering such individuals would result to high premiums to individuals at lower risk.

The problems of the acts do not lie with individuals paying for the insurance, but what the act stands for. Congress should work on a system that would restrict employers from receiving subsidies after offering health insurance. Trimming the subsidies would assist in restricting health care costs in medical facilities. Companies that were receiving subsidies will have a clear insight of the health care costs. Consumers will have a clear picture of why the health care coverage is so high. The approach should be working on a system that would finance the entire system.



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