Sample Capstone Project Paper on Extra Credit Assignment

Number One

Issues of data-related and security breaches in businesses have caused worries for companies. In the previous year, data breaches have increased, rendering companies to incur losses that cost millions of dollars. According to an investigation by Ponemon Institute, the standard cost of each breach amounted to $215. This implies that 40 percent of the breaches arise due to negligence, while 30 percent represent other reasons.

Based on the analyst perspective, the situation that incorporates data-related and security breaches is getting worse. For instance, information ends up in wrong hands especially when employees communicate via instant messages and e-mail, leading to security breaches. A data breach happens when an unauthorized individual has access to concealed information. This person can reach such confidential details with intended purposes to harm. Data breaches have become a serious security concern for both public and private organizations (Almond 52).  In a business, such security issues occur when a person steals information from a laptop that is lost by an employee. To protect themselves from such matters, firms employ the use of passwords for security measures. The breach of data in a business also happens on purpose due to planned theft by people who have an interest in the information.

A breach can either be a minor embarrassment or a state security threat in relation to the stolen data. This theft of data entails stealing information that is personal to engage in identity theft. Other individuals breach security system of a firm to be in control of patents or trade secrets. Larger threats of breaching data security involve individuals who attempt to access classified networks with codes from the government. The issues that relate to breach of data in a trade subject the companies to handle revenue loss (Burke 66). The business is forced to deal with brand mistrust to avoid losing customers for a long period of time by being loyal. To handle breach of information in a trade, the owner must have the interest to address the negative effects.

Number Two

Criminal actions such as breach of data by third parties require the tort system to impose liabilities especially on private businesses. This is fair because the legal responsibility in this business will aid in ensuring that they take precaution. It prevents incidences whereby the third party individuals access information concerning employees and clients of the firm.  A tort entails a civil action that is taken by one individual against a different party and prosecuted before a court judge. It is not enforced by the police and it applies in this case that incorporates negligence of data in a private business. According to the tort system, if the claimant is part of the negligence crime, this may reduce the defendant’s liability. This means that it is fair for the tort system to impose liability charges that will instill reasonable force to expel trespassers in their business.  Based on the tort law, the court can decide to give a command that demands for other things. For instance, the court may restrain the threat of harm or continuance other than money from the criminals.

Number Three

I believe that there should be state or federal laws to regulate enterprises in this region. State laws are significant in this case to cater for citizens and firms that are within the jurisdiction of its courts. This assists people in the region to comply with the law to avoid being part of the negligence issues. Conversely, federal laws are implemented by the central government of a given state (Wayne 78).

Federal rules should apply in such situations to handle matters of security breaches that affect trades on an international level. The federal statutes are vital as they are passed by the congress with order from the president within the constitution. Additionally, in the federal system, the Supreme Court is responsible for decisions that incorporate federal laws and the cases that they choose to hear. In America, federal laws are codified under the United States Codes. This implies that various enterprises in this region can opt to carry forward their cases to the Supreme Court on security breach if they are not served with justice in the lower courts.

Number Four

In my opinion, if the state or federal laws apply in this region, cases of data breach will reduce. This is because the third-party criminals will develop fear in regard to heavy fines that the court imposes to them when they breach information in other people’s firms. Furthermore, these statutes will protect owners, employees and customers in the business. As a result, individuals will be free to shop without the fear that their confidentiality will be exposed. Laws are very significant to guard and grant security to enterprises that operate with aid of computers. In this situation, when the machine gets lost, the company will have copyrights for its content. If the data is altered by outsiders, the owner of the business will take them to court to protect the firm’s information.

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