Sample Book Review Paper on “P.S I LOVE YOU”

The film, P.S I love You is createdfrom Cecilia Ahern’s novel, of the same title(Metacritic, 1). It stars Lisa Kudrow, Hilary Swank, James Marsters, Lisa Kudrow, and HarryConnick among other stars. Holly Reilly is thrown into uncertainty when her loving husband Gerry passes away because of a brain tumor.  To Holly, Gerry was everything to her and not even her mother or friends could console and bring her back to face the future. However, while Holly laments on her future and life without her only love, Gerry had plans arranged to enable her to move on with life, celebrate, and make the best out of her life. On her 30th birthday, she receives an extraordinary letter, recording tape, and cake from her late husband. Through the letters, the late husband beseeches her to get out and enjoy life. As the months wore on, she receives more letters coming with messages of hope, adventure, and love. The letters had the same sign off “P.S. I Love You.” Although her parents and friends think the letters take her back to the past, the surprising trick is that they are affectionately directing her to the future showing that despite the death of her husband, life has to go on and a new beginning was awaiting her. Wherever the letter took her, she had the hope of finding and loving all over again.

P.S. I Love You is a noblefilm with a strong message of hope amidst tragedies such as death. Even though death may rob one of the loves of his or her life, it does not mean that it is the end of living. As depicted in the film, it is often an opening to new chapters in life. As sad and devastating as it may seem, life still has got beautiful offers and people to comfort and give a shoulder to lean on along the journey of self-discovery. The actors are affectionate, caring, and concerned. As depicted by Holly’s mother and friends, they walk with her all through her journey of recovery, giving her hope, love, and a shoulder to lean on. The beautiful soundtracks used in the film such as “No other Love” emphasizes the loving and passionate theme of the movie.


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