Sample Article Review Paper on Legal Principles

The article The Last Days of Big Law – The money is drying up – and America’s most storied firms are terrified explains how law firms are striving to implement the legal principle of having equal share in the American market. The article talks about how American law firms have many high priced lawyers today than there is high-priced legal work. Equal market share is not only for law firms but for all entrepreneurial organizations worldwide. This gives an opportunity for favorable competition. I think the article is helpful to law firms as it explains why it is worth having high-priced legal work than high priced lawyers. Besides, I have the opinion that the article will change a number of things in the law firm business. However, a common question concerning the same is: For how long will law firms in the US have an equal market share?

Corcoran, Timothy. Ten Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO. Corcoran’s Business of Law, 2013. Online Resource. Available online at:

The article Ten Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO articulates that law firms should concentrate on the problems or needs of their clients rather than profitability. In this respect, this article opines that law firms should measure client satisfaction constantly. The satisfaction of clients is very important as it will enhance their loyalty and the profitability of the company in the long run. This article talks about implementing the new principle on the Law firm business. My thought about the article is that it gives managers the opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations and work on them. Besides, I think the article stresses on what the roles of CEOs are. However, a common question is: how do law firms measure the satisfaction of their clients?