Sample Argumentative Essay on Reasonable Person and Ethics

A reasonable person may take several faces according to studies. Conventionally, it was referred to as a select group of individuals within the society that is called upon on occurrence of problems that require a solution. Reasonable is having a sound judgment. Thus, such a person has differentiated himself as the common law bearing legal fiction. He has performed a significant role in several aspects of criminal law, private law and has developed further to public law.

Despite much criticism of the reasonable person, courts appear to reach for him when the feel that an inquiry needs both the understanding of certain attributes of individuals involved. We look at it objectively to identify the qualities of a reasonable person that are fixed and those that are subjective and how the vary across individuals.

According to the reasonable person, the helmet and the jacket were part of the deal because if he, if they were not in the shop he, would not have bought the bike. It makes sense because purchasing the bike relied on the condition that the helmet and the jacket ought to be available.

Gintzler is likely to win the suit because the agreement was binding. Common law states that an agreement is established at the moment when the minds of the parties reach a consensus. By so doing, the promising partner becomes a party to the contract. In this case, Melnick agreed to make future repairs brought about by the defects; as a result, there was a contract binding them concerning law. Therefore, Melnick treated Gintzler unfairly because he was acting against the contract hence liable for a penalty.

It was unliquidated debt because the waiter was ignorant. The law stipulates that negligence exists when there is an element of personal negligence on the part of the employer to make him liable for the acts of an independent contractor. For instance, the restaurant manager is also responsible for committing a tort for depositing a faulty cheque without close checking. Therefore, the administrator cannot recover the debt consequently Sami is off the hook.